change is nice

we rearranged our house a bit to make room for a nursery.

this room used to be our office with two of those desks and chairs.  we kept one and are now sharing my computer for video/photo stuffs.  our dresser is on the opposite wall of the foot of the bed (not pictured).  but, this is pretty much what you see of our new bedroom when you walk by!  no photos of the nursery. we’re still gathering things to put in it!

i printed 90 Instagrams for our new photo display above our dining table and moved our other family photos to our bedroom.

the idea is to change a few of them out each month, but i have no idea how i’m going to get rid of these…they are the cream of the crop from my instagram feed!


One comment on “change is nice

  1. Sean says:

    Love the instagrams! Where’d you get them printed? I’ve don’t Costco but the smallest they have is 8×8. Great job!

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