connecting again

with Project Mom (and a thousand business things to go along with that) and having company every weekend i feel like i’ve lost a bit of a connection with my son.

i’m not talking about the usual “he’s not a baby anymore” connection.

i’m talking about the parent/child connection.

the one i get too busy for.

the one that will be the most important until he finds a mate.

the one i’m so adamantly passionate about restoring through fostering.

the one that i can do something about.

soooo we’re on spring break.

we’re swinging outside 5 times a day.

we’re taking extra long strolls and stopping to literally smell the flowers.

we’re watching Toy Story 3 until we know every word.

we are snacking all day long.

we are singing as loud as we can.

we are playing with more friends.

we are talking, trying to form sentences.

we are doing activities outside or on the couch. or not at all.

we are dancing.

we are praising.

we are laughing.

we are loving.

we are connecting.


i have missed you, little one.

2 comments on “connecting again

  1. lisahenson says:

    He is ONE happy baby! Oh, these pix are so cute!!! I have missed them as well.

  2. auntie cole says:

    i like it. that sounds like the mostest fun kind of day ever!

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