march (free printable) verse

i thought i would post the verse of the month for march since this is the last week in february.  i uploaded the original file so  when you Right Click then Save As, it should be the original size.

i wanted to incorporate the 3 leaf clover since we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in march.  i mean, the man drove out all the snakes in Ireland….he needs his own day.  the history behind this day is so, so rich.  i recommend you printing or buying some literature and sharing with the kiddos.

to my family, it is a religious holiday (not as important as Easter, but just as fun as Christmas) because it celebrates the arrival of Christianity into Ireland!  St Patrick used the three leaf clover to describe the Trinity (Father God, Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit).  we, as an American nation, celebrate the Irish.  which is fun, too!

anyway, here is my verse for the month.  the ‘and of’ is quoted twice, but i liked it better just written once….go read the verse aloud with the kiddos.  remember to read the verses before and after to get the entire concept of the passage.  or just read the whole chapter. or the whole bible. 🙂

i hope this spurs holy conversations around the dinner/family table.  pray together over these things so that they are not just words on our kids tongues, but written in their hearts as well.

also, i apologize for the wonky clover.

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2 comments on “march (free printable) verse

  1. BEST IDEA EVER. I’m in love with your verse prints

  2. tara says:

    love it! and printing it tomorrow … even though i’m gonna miss february’s.

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