a new play set, built by my dad

my dad lives in west texas, as some of you know. he started this project before christmas, but wasn’t able to complete it due to the weather.  i kept telling him he should just come here to build it because the weather had been perfect.

well, he got most of it together and all the parts he needed.  then he tore it down, packed it up, and drove 6 hours to bring it to us this past weekend. he and dane planned to put it together on saturday.

it was the coldest day of winter for us.  gah.  poor dad. poor dane.

but yay for our baby boy and his first (and prolly only) play set.

isn’t it beautiful?  it still needs a roof for the climbing structure and i will continue to sand it down, but it’s ready for play.

watching his first reactions to his new set.

can’t quite climb up by himself yet.

LOVE this one of him and my dad

just about the only thing he can do right now…swing!

thanks, daddio, for doing all of the hardwork. and for helping us parents out with making our kid happy.  we would have never been able to buy/build anything like this on our own.

One comment on “a new play set, built by my dad

  1. mom henson says:

    Your daddio is the man! It is beautiful and I love the shots you got of the two of them together.

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