march (free printable) verse

i thought i would post the verse of the month for march since this is the last week in february.  i uploaded the original file so  when you Right Click then Save As, it should be the original size.

i wanted to incorporate the 3 leaf clover since we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in march.  i mean, the man drove out all the snakes in Ireland….he needs his own day.  the history behind this day is so, so rich.  i recommend you printing or buying some literature and sharing with the kiddos.

to my family, it is a religious holiday (not as important as Easter, but just as fun as Christmas) because it celebrates the arrival of Christianity into Ireland!  St Patrick used the three leaf clover to describe the Trinity (Father God, Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit).  we, as an American nation, celebrate the Irish.  which is fun, too!

anyway, here is my verse for the month.  the ‘and of’ is quoted twice, but i liked it better just written once….go read the verse aloud with the kiddos.  remember to read the verses before and after to get the entire concept of the passage.  or just read the whole chapter. or the whole bible. 🙂

i hope this spurs holy conversations around the dinner/family table.  pray together over these things so that they are not just words on our kids tongues, but written in their hearts as well.

also, i apologize for the wonky clover.

adoption/fostering updates

it’s been awhile since i’ve posted a lengthy update.

that’s because i don’t feel there is much of an update.

here is the overview of the process for us:

1. attend covenant kid’s 30-40 hr training

2. complete all documentation

3. homestudy

4. fix any issues with homestudy to become licensed.

5. accept kiddos (not sure if we will open to 0-2 or just 0-1).

we hope this happens sometime by may (not necessarily #5 since we have no control over that, but we would like to be ready).

we are currently on step 2.  there are 33 different things to be completed on that documentation list (not to mention the lists within the lists, but nevermind that).

we have completed 25 of the 33.

we are currently working on scheduling fbi fingerprinting, reading two adoption books, and preparing for our homestudy (selling stuff and rearranging to make room for a nursery).

slowly, but surely, we are getting there.


last night, by accident, i tapped one of my old pregnancy applications on my iPhone.

i had put in the expected due date of mikka the last time i opened it and had already read the ‘what to expect’ sections of the coming weeks.

i would have almost been 17 weeks by now.  2nd trimester.

naturally, i cried.

the same questions surfaced again, “why a miscarriage?” “why infant death?” “why abuse and neglect for innocent children around the world?”

but i know the ‘why’ questions should be pointed at me. why do i feel i have the authority to question God.  why do i direct my wrath towards him when i know He hasn’t towards me.

we remember God’s justice (because God never does anything ‘wrong’), but we are quick to forget God’s mercy.

jesus. dane. caleb. family. security. home. jesus. money. food. clothes. jesus.

God is holy.

i am not.

i would not like a world where i made all the rules.  who dies, who lives.  i would get it wrong ALL of the time.  i would be stressed ALL the time. i would have no life. no comforts.

so, today, i remember God’s mercy on my life.

because it far exceeds his justice.

Jesus is enough.

a new play set, built by my dad

my dad lives in west texas, as some of you know. he started this project before christmas, but wasn’t able to complete it due to the weather.  i kept telling him he should just come here to build it because the weather had been perfect.

well, he got most of it together and all the parts he needed.  then he tore it down, packed it up, and drove 6 hours to bring it to us this past weekend. he and dane planned to put it together on saturday.

it was the coldest day of winter for us.  gah.  poor dad. poor dane.

but yay for our baby boy and his first (and prolly only) play set.

isn’t it beautiful?  it still needs a roof for the climbing structure and i will continue to sand it down, but it’s ready for play.

watching his first reactions to his new set.

can’t quite climb up by himself yet.

LOVE this one of him and my dad

just about the only thing he can do right now…swing!

thanks, daddio, for doing all of the hardwork. and for helping us parents out with making our kid happy.  we would have never been able to buy/build anything like this on our own.

valentine scripture print

guys, i don’t know how to add the plugin so you can download this here scripture.

i asked my IT guy and he says he’s on it.

but, nothing will get done until we finish season 1 and 2 of Downton Abbey.

(OMG, have you seen this show?  FAVORITE EVERYTHING.  i hugged the tv last night during episode 5 because the moment was so perfect.  i’m not kidding.  you can ask my IT guy. if you like P&P then you will love this show. go watch it tonight.  thank me later. there has only been one gross moment out of 6 episodes.  it’s in the first one and it may or may not have two men kissing. gross. ok, just fast forward through that.)

aaaaanyway,  i would like to start doing a tabletop verse for each month. that is, print/write/design a verse to set on our dining room table to be read/memorized each night.  i would also like to be creative and design them around a certain theme of the month to help us remember the verse.  but, we’ll see. 🙂 since it’s february and everyone knows it’s the love month, my job was easy.

like i said, i don’t know how you can download the original file, but i only made this to be printed as a 5×7 and then resized for my blog.  if you would like to “Right-Click and Save” then feel free.  it should still print nicely as a 4×6 or 5×7. (let me know if it doesn’t).

happy love month!

when it’s 70 degrees in february, it’s important you take advantage of the beautifulness

this weekend last year we had a snow and ice storm!

not complaining about this weather at all!  it has been beautiful.

we love when daddy gets home!  big hugs for him.

that’s my mom in the background. she was with us this weekend.  i love that caleb gets to be around his grandparents when he can.

auntie cole!!!  he kinda loves her.

i can’t believe i have a folder titled “21 months” for our little man.