paleo diet – day 28

two more days until my first 30 day challenge is complete!  i was just sitting here thinking about posting my results in a few days when i realized i never wrote about it in the first place!


so, after the thanksgiving holiday i read a book on the subject. cause that’s what i do.  this one is by the author who invented it.  well, not invented it since the diet has been around for 20 million years (or something ridiculous that evolutionists claim to be REAL FACTS SUPER TRUE!), but he reclaimed it and did all the science behind it.  and then wrote a book. i implemented some of the things into my diet, but didn’t really start until after our christmas holiday.  i know, i know. typical american.

here’s what you eat.






and that’s it. it’s what our ancestors ate.  you know, adam and eve, and all those other great OT characters before the invention of wheat and gluten and BREAD…glorious bread.

let’s take a minute and just honor bread for being who it is…..

ok, back to the diet.

I LOVE IT.  i have tried to maintain 100%, but i eat greek yogurt and dark chocolate most days (so sue me) and we don’t do grass fed or cage free cause you need money to grow on trees as well as a 6 figure salary.  and we have neither of those.  someday we’ll eat the good stuff…when we plant our money tree.

so here i am at day 28.  i am down 7 lbs and several inches.  i have some digestive issues (prolly from binging on bread all my life) that were diagnosed in 2009. simply put, i have a digestive system similar to that of an 80 year old. as well as a lazy liver that i need to keep in check in order to prevent any kind of cancer.  shortly after i cut out a lot of cow’s milk from my diet and things seemed to get better.  and ever since then i’ve been trying to find a good, natural way to eat.  i first started with vegetarianism, went vegan, then raw vegan.  they are all super great because you are getting so much energy and vitamins from fruits and veggies.

but it wasn’t until i cut out gluten for this long that i realized what the real issue was.

i have been destroying my colon!

i feel so much better.  no bloating.  i weigh the same at night as i do in the morning most of the time.  my stomach is flat (well, as flat as it’s going to be until i burn the fat. ha). no more food baby. my digestive system is still slow, but i’ve seen a great improvement over the last three weeks.

and i went on vacation for 8 days, tried to maintain at least 80% and didn’t gain a single pound.  and i lost half an inch around my thighs.  

the fun thing about this way of eating is that it’s supposed to be organic.  yes, the food is supposed to be all natural, grass fed, organic, cage free, etc.  but more specifically, it’s suppose to free us of the 3 meals a day, calorie counting, exercise 45 minutes at a certain heart rate, binge on the weekends mentality.  (wait, am i the only one who thinks like this??)

anyway, go look it up yourself.  read a book.  i would suggest this one. robb allows you a little more room in the diet. and he’s pretty witty.

just skip over all the evolution and 20 billion year talk.

God created adam and eve to populate HIS earth.  not monkeys.

be back in a few days with my results!

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One comment on “paleo diet – day 28

  1. Sarah-Kate says:

    oh. my. goodness! I SOOOO enjoyed this blog! You are so stinking funnee and I could totally picture you saying all of it. I’m so proud of you making it these 30 days and I loved reading about your results. You’re so inspiring woman! And fur realz….when you figure out that money tree thing can I go in halfzies?? LOVE YOU!

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