30 day paleo challenge results

i was going to wait another day since today is technically my 30th day, but tomorrow i’m taking caleb to spend THE WEEKEND with my mom and step dad.

i’ve only had 2 meltdowns about it.

ok, maybe 3 and a chocolate binge.

but we’re good now.

no thanks to chocolate.

anyway,  i’ve attached a document that has my results (weight included, yikes!) from my first 30 day challenge.  at first glance, my results don’t seem too awesome.  but, if you saw my measurement track from june 2010, then you would be impressed. i promise. 🙂  it took me eight months to do what paleo did for me in one.  so i think i’ll stick to it for awhile.


i start my 2nd 30 day challenge on monday!

paleo diet – day 28

two more days until my first 30 day challenge is complete!  i was just sitting here thinking about posting my results in a few days when i realized i never wrote about it in the first place!


so, after the thanksgiving holiday i read a book on the subject. cause that’s what i do.  this one is by the author who invented it.  well, not invented it since the diet has been around for 20 million years (or something ridiculous that evolutionists claim to be REAL FACTS SUPER TRUE!), but he reclaimed it and did all the science behind it.  and then wrote a book. i implemented some of the things into my diet, but didn’t really start until after our christmas holiday.  i know, i know. typical american.

here’s what you eat.






and that’s it. it’s what our ancestors ate.  you know, adam and eve, and all those other great OT characters before the invention of wheat and gluten and BREAD…glorious bread.

let’s take a minute and just honor bread for being who it is…..

ok, back to the diet.

I LOVE IT.  i have tried to maintain 100%, but i eat greek yogurt and dark chocolate most days (so sue me) and we don’t do grass fed or cage free cause you need money to grow on trees as well as a 6 figure salary.  and we have neither of those.  someday we’ll eat the good stuff…when we plant our money tree.

so here i am at day 28.  i am down 7 lbs and several inches.  i have some digestive issues (prolly from binging on bread all my life) that were diagnosed in 2009. simply put, i have a digestive system similar to that of an 80 year old. as well as a lazy liver that i need to keep in check in order to prevent any kind of cancer.  shortly after i cut out a lot of cow’s milk from my diet and things seemed to get better.  and ever since then i’ve been trying to find a good, natural way to eat.  i first started with vegetarianism, went vegan, then raw vegan.  they are all super great because you are getting so much energy and vitamins from fruits and veggies.

but it wasn’t until i cut out gluten for this long that i realized what the real issue was.

i have been destroying my colon!

i feel so much better.  no bloating.  i weigh the same at night as i do in the morning most of the time.  my stomach is flat (well, as flat as it’s going to be until i burn the fat. ha). no more food baby. my digestive system is still slow, but i’ve seen a great improvement over the last three weeks.

and i went on vacation for 8 days, tried to maintain at least 80% and didn’t gain a single pound.  and i lost half an inch around my thighs.  

the fun thing about this way of eating is that it’s supposed to be organic.  yes, the food is supposed to be all natural, grass fed, organic, cage free, etc.  but more specifically, it’s suppose to free us of the 3 meals a day, calorie counting, exercise 45 minutes at a certain heart rate, binge on the weekends mentality.  (wait, am i the only one who thinks like this??)

anyway, go look it up yourself.  read a book.  i would suggest this one. robb allows you a little more room in the diet. and he’s pretty witty.

just skip over all the evolution and 20 billion year talk.

God created adam and eve to populate HIS earth.  not monkeys.

be back in a few days with my results!


my thoughts on fasting because i have never really studied it before. this is not an extensive study as there is limited time before little man wakes up, but i wanted to take some time and read through Scripture, pray, and write about my findings.

Matthew 4:1-4

Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. 2 After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. 3 The tempter came to him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.”  4 Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’

-under the Spirit’s leading, Jesus prepared to meet the devil by fasting.

-the Lord began his ministry by fasting

-he triumphed the devil through fasting.

why do it?

God cares about the things of the heart.  when we detox or fast, everything of the heart comes out. at first, we blame our anger, pride, selfishness on the hunger but it’s really because we are addicted to something other than God.  yes, we need food, but we (i) can stand to go without a few meals and still be OK.


to become weak again (i am always weak, but do i realize it?) and seek God for all of my strength. “man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

if fasting is not about God, then it’s about me.  and then we’re back at square one.

after yoga

i do yoga about twice a week.  caleb likes to roll and unroll the mat after i’m finished.  i tried to get him actually rolling it up, but he had already done it about 10 times. 🙂

ok, mom, i’m done.

train playing

oh how he loves his trains and trucks!  and i am loving that his room is more of a ‘play room’.  once we get things going again for our foster license (i just filled out and sent in 3 documents today after taking 6 weeks off!! holla!!) then we will move all of the baby things into the new nursery.  which means more room for playing!

LOVE these two and this window light.  and just, well, everything about him.

my BOY!

10 in 2012

i love lists, so here’s one for 2012

1. memorize 30 verses – this one i’m working on with caleb. using these cards right here.

2. become licensed foster parents

3. lose 20 lbs

4. serve Jesus better – this includes being a better friend, sharing the gospel, being a good example for my son, loving my husband well

5. spend more time alone with dane – every other week date nights (away from baby…we still do date nights at home when C is asleep), every other month retreat (not sure what this looks like, but i’m thinking an entire night away from baby?), yearly adventure (vacations!  this one will include C or not.  i just think it’s good for us all to get away)

6. pay off debt (ok, maybe this one will be).  this one is HUGE.  but, we sat down and looked at our budget with dane’s raise and how much we have left.  it will definitely be a challenge.

7. book 12 portrait sessions with clients – if we are to become foster parents, i know my business will be put waaaay aside so i think 12 is reasonable

8. read 100 books.  i’ll be using goodreads.com to keep me accountable. i don’t think i’ll actually get there, but i think it’s fun to see how many i can actually read.

9. read through the bible

10. meet weekly or monthly with a fight club or discipleship group (apart from bible study)

it would have been cool if i could have done 12, but 10 is probably too much.

happy new year!