little baby mans

that’s my nickname for caleb.  i have a mabillion, but this is the one i have always gone back to since he was a newborn.  nothing special, but it pretty much sums up who he is right now.

he’s still very much a baby in the sense he cannot do everything for himself, but he’s talking and understanding so much!

in this photo he portrays his baby side:  eating the styrofoam of his activity. he just had to try it and there was no way i was sticking my finger in there!  he’s got all but one tooth now!

more babyness:  feeling the styrofoam against his cheeks.  at first i thought he was trying to drown out my voice by covering his ears…but, no, that couldn’t be it.

now touching our nose and crossing our eyes…

and here is where it gets scary to me…he could NOT do this 3 weeks ago.  i have been letting him get the hang of this activity for about a month now and he finally just took over and started putting the rings on the rope all by himself!

more manliness right there…putting those fine motor skills to work!

and this one is just plain teenagerness.  he’s clearly giving me the ‘look’ and covering up his ears to drown out my voice.  and look at that hair?  pshh, didn’t even have the decency to comb it down! teenagers.

i am trying to soak up all of the baby goodness that’s left of my little man.  he is such a joy to be around and i can’t believe he’s already 19 months!

One comment on “little baby mans

  1. mom henson says:

    He is just beginning to give you a run for your money! He is too cute for words and his grandma loves him!!!

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