thanksgiving: catching up

(all of these are genuine, but for the sake of time i’m just going to list them out)

day 11: nicole and joel!  they watched caleb while dane and i went on a date.  nothing went as planned, but it was still pretty fun.

day 12:  thought provoking conversations!  hosted some friends on saturday night and talked all night.

day 13: my niece. picked her up and she’s been staying with us this week

day 14: operation christmas child.  we are participating this year so i took the kiddos to target on monday.  what a great way to get the kids involved in giving.  this week is national drop off/pick up week so it’s not too late to fill a shoe box!

day 15: movies!!!  (see day 13. ha. these are great for my niece)

day 16: pets.  we put our precioius cleo down a year ago today.  i’m thankful that God made animals to be pets.  they are pretty special and we have some great memories of her.  we’re not ready for another one just yet, but we know whenever we are it will be a great addition to our family.

One comment on “thanksgiving: catching up

  1. mom henson says:

    CLEO! I was just thinking of her today as I opened one of the boxes we had brought from Texas 5 years ago and a clump of her hair fell out. It brought back such good memories of that special kitty Kat!
    I’m thankful we enjoyed living with her all those years.

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