thankful: day 1

today, i am thankful for community.

i just returned home from a foster friend’s house.  her name is tori and she is truly special.

now that we have completed training, we have to turn in a billion papers and then Covenant Kids will conduct a home study before we are licensed foster parents.  so i wanted to see how hers went and what we should expect for ours.

i also wanted to hold their new placement, Tiny Baby.  what. a. doll!  (james, their oldest, is a year older than caleb and has an awesome playroom.  needless to say, he will nap well today.)

and when i finally looked at the clock, it was two hours later!  tori and i go to church together, but that was only the second time we actually got to hang out.

time flies when you’re talking about the passion God has placed in your life.

if it hadn’t been for tori and mark and their love for kiddos, i don’t know if we would have ever actually made the ‘jump’ to foster.

like i said, i am thankful for community.  God’s community for us.


(Mark is the guy behind us in the photo above.  it’s the only photo i have of either one of them. ha!)


thankful is a daily series during the month of november in which i plan to write out what I am thankful for that day.  please feel free to join in and link up!  and be praying for the Lord to show you each day how to be thankful for what you have.

3 comments on “thankful: day 1

  1. mom henson says:

    I’m thankful for where I am in this GRAND journey God has me on. I get to be a spectator and participant in your beautiful lives. Such a sweet respite from daily life! :0

  2. Renee Booe says:

    Love this idea Shari!!! And excited for you guys about being foster parents

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