little baby mans

that’s my nickname for caleb.  i have a mabillion, but this is the one i have always gone back to since he was a newborn.  nothing special, but it pretty much sums up who he is right now.

he’s still very much a baby in the sense he cannot do everything for himself, but he’s talking and understanding so much!

in this photo he portrays his baby side:  eating the styrofoam of his activity. he just had to try it and there was no way i was sticking my finger in there!  he’s got all but one tooth now!

more babyness:  feeling the styrofoam against his cheeks.  at first i thought he was trying to drown out my voice by covering his ears…but, no, that couldn’t be it.

now touching our nose and crossing our eyes…

and here is where it gets scary to me…he could NOT do this 3 weeks ago.  i have been letting him get the hang of this activity for about a month now and he finally just took over and started putting the rings on the rope all by himself!

more manliness right there…putting those fine motor skills to work!

and this one is just plain teenagerness.  he’s clearly giving me the ‘look’ and covering up his ears to drown out my voice.  and look at that hair?  pshh, didn’t even have the decency to comb it down! teenagers.

i am trying to soak up all of the baby goodness that’s left of my little man.  he is such a joy to be around and i can’t believe he’s already 19 months!

thanksgiving: catching up

(all of these are genuine, but for the sake of time i’m just going to list them out)

day 11: nicole and joel!  they watched caleb while dane and i went on a date.  nothing went as planned, but it was still pretty fun.

day 12:  thought provoking conversations!  hosted some friends on saturday night and talked all night.

day 13: my niece. picked her up and she’s been staying with us this week

day 14: operation christmas child.  we are participating this year so i took the kiddos to target on monday.  what a great way to get the kids involved in giving.  this week is national drop off/pick up week so it’s not too late to fill a shoe box!

day 15: movies!!!  (see day 13. ha. these are great for my niece)

day 16: pets.  we put our precioius cleo down a year ago today.  i’m thankful that God made animals to be pets.  they are pretty special and we have some great memories of her.  we’re not ready for another one just yet, but we know whenever we are it will be a great addition to our family.

thanksgiving: day 10

today i am thankful for my friend, vivian.

it’s hard for me to pick out one person like that and dedicate an entire blog post to them, but she deserves it.

i see vivian almost every day.  we met at church and she practically took dane and me in when we first moved here.

but now she’s one of my best friends.

best mentor.

best accountability partner…as much as i don’t like it sometimes!

best encourager.

best running buddy.

best shopping buddy.

best girl talk buddy.

and just best everything.

if you have ever met her you will not be surprised when i describe her as ‘honest’ and ‘real’.

and i am thankful for that.


thanksgiving: day 8

i am thankful for technology.

phones, email, computers, facebook, skype, FaceTime.

it’s all pretty amazing if you think about it.

yes, it’s man-made, but ultimately was created by the Lord (because He created our minds!) and He chose MY time on earth for all of this to happen. incredible.

i wonder what He will reveal for Caleb during his life.

thankful: day 7

i am thankful for God’s creation.

today, Olivia Rae will be BORN!

and i went for a short run OUTSIDE!

and had to come back early because it was RAINING!

and had some yummy VEGGIES for lunch!

and plan to spend the entire day playing with my CHILD.

i am thankful God created all of these for me to enjoy today. 🙂

thankful: day 6

(this post was also supposed to publish this weekend!)

i am thankful for my church.

they have done some amazing things for us in the past two years.

they are the only family we have here.

through marriages, babies, sin, celebration, redemption…i have come to love them even more than i thought possible.

i am thankful that Jesus came to build His church and that we get to be a part of it.

thankful: day 5

(this post was supposed to publish on saturday…boo!)

i am thankful for marriage.

and that some people still find it sacred.

last night we celebrated the marriage/unity of a good friend of mine.

i was able to share some funny stories of my marriage as well as some sweet ones.

marriage is precious. and i am so thankful i have friends who think so, too.

thankful: day 4

i am thankful for this man.

my husband.

my everything.

just reading his thoughts over on his blog will make you fall in love with him, too. (get his side of fostering/fathering)

he’s one of a kind.

and i’m thankful God put us together.