foster/adoption part 1

who knows how many ‘parts’ this will be, but i wanted to write all of the process down so we can look back and thank God for his grace and mercy in all of this!

a little history…i have wanted to adopt a child for as far back as i can remember.  i don’t know why.  i think because i thought it was the ‘right’ thing to do.  and i knew my husband would want to as well.  i wanted a chinese or african baby, because again, it was the ‘right’ thing to do.  i mean, that’s what you do when you are a Christian, you adopt African babies…or so i thought.  then enters friends into my life that i met in college that actually were adopted and my desire grew stronger.  and then it really was for the right reasons, because God was calling me to it.

it wasn’t until i began looking at my own life as God’s adopted daughter that i knew i would never turn back.

bullets, shall we?

  • had our friends, the Bjornholms, over for dinner in September since they are the only ones (that we know of) in our church that have adopted and are fostering.  that was a fun time.  crazy, but really fun.  they were both encouraging to us and let us in on the process through their organization, Covenant Kids.
  • e-mailed Covenant Kids the next day
  • filled out the 17 page application
  •  signed up for 25 hours of training in Arliington at the end of October

the amazing thing is…dane was the only one leaning towards fostering 100%.  i was still on the fence.  we knew we wanted caleb to be the oldest in our household and we only have enough room to take in another baby.  it’s not likely that you will adopt a foster child between the ages of 0-2 so i knew we would have to be in it for fostering.  so i prayed about it.

this week we have completed two of our intro classes for training and guess what?  God answered my prayer.  He has completely changed my heart towards fostering (ok, i’ll admit…it wasn’t that hard).  i know there will be times in our life where we might go inactive, but i could see us fostering for the rest of our lives.  one of my prayers is that we won’t have to…that parents will get off crack, get good care, get jobs, sober up, etc, and take care of their babies! will you join me in praying daily for this, please?

we have 4 classes left to complete in the next few weeks, then gather our documents (all 4 million of them), then do our home study, and then become active for kiddos!  we will probably wait until after january since we will be traveling to california again to visit dane’s parents for vacation. it seems like a lot of steps, but you can take as much time as you need and they will literally do it for you if you need help.  dane and i were discussing last night about how most Believers would, without hesitation, take in a needy baby or sibling group (or would find the nearest person that was able to) if someone came up and handed them over.  but, it’s the paperwork, training, etc that stops them.  so i prayed last night that God would give me opportunities to share our experience.  it’s been easy, awesome, rewarding, life-changing, challenging, and amazing.  and to also set some records straight about fostering that i have learned throughout the process.  i am truly impressed by the state of texas and their ‘system’.  it’s not perfect, but their priority is to protect and love on the child.

which, to me, reflects the character of God.

you see what he’s doing there?  one of his favorite things.  sweeping.  he sweeps because i sweep.  he watches me, patiently, while i sweep an area then i let him hold the dust pan.  and then it’s his turn to sweep the area and my turn to hold the dust pan.  and because we have hardwood floors we do it, oh, about a million times a day.  and i used to hate sweeping my hardwood floors a million times a day, but now it’s not so much of a pain.  he’s watching and learning and adapting because of the things we do on a daily basis.

and i pray that one day he will foster or adopt because we did and because God did so for him.

4 comments on “foster/adoption part 1

  1. Jen Patterson says:

    Beautiful, love this, love your heart!

  2. T says:

    So excited to watch your journey.

  3. Ginger Ivey says:

    Exciting! I’ve wanted to adopt forever and when Allen and I got married we both knew we wanted to adopt at some point in our family…fostering has crossed my mind a few times, but you’ve shed a whole new light… 🙂

  4. I love your ending. Me and my husband have always wanted to adopt since we were adopted into God’s family and how awesome would that be for my sons to do the same.

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