activities – shapes puzzle

oh, melissa & doug, how i loveth thee!

my mother-in-law picked up two puzzles for caleb a few months ago and we LOVE them!  especially this colorful one! the age range on the package said for ages 2 and up, but i figured i would introduce it to him and talk about the colors and shapes, etc.  if nothing else, it was something new to look at and enjoy for a few minutes.

little did i know that he would master matching all of the shapes by age 16 months!

there are definitely different stages of learning to this puzzle which is why i love it so much.

stage 1 – matching colors/sorting/fine motor skills

stage 2 – vocabulary of shapes and colors

and this is why i love melissa & doug products so much.  we will probably have this as an activity each week until he masters stage 2 which will be several months!  at this age, they are growing and learning quickly and you have to find things that aren’t too challenging and not too easy to hold their attention.  this puzzle is, by far, one of the activities that keeps his attention the longest.

we’re all pretty proud when he completes it.

melissa & doug puzzles and activities are more expensive because they are handmade and wooden, but they are so worth it!


2 comments on “activities – shapes puzzle

  1. Dane says:

    Not only are they hand made and wooden, but a lot of them are applicable to real world skills. We really should save up and buy some more. Thank you for working patiently with our baby to help him learn.

  2. mom henson says:

    He is BRILLIANT! I love his bright smile when he finishes and looks to his mom for praise. Heart-melter!

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