one of the ways we minister to others is through hospitality.  dane and i are trying to be better about this in our lives.  shortly after i met dane, i was invited to his house by his roommate to just hang out and there were, i’m not kidding, 25 people or more there, too!  since our relationship was in its early stages, i was able to watch dane from a distance and one of the things i loved about him was how great of a host he was.  i liked that.  then, he made his way over to me and well, the rest is history.

our goal is to have someone over each week (or go out).  our schedules can get crazy, but that’s our goal.  this week we had the damons over!  joel is only off on tuesdays and thursdays so it’s a rare treat to see him these days!  we played, had an early dinner, then went to the snow-cone shop down the road.

it started out great. caleb loved exploring and walking around.  unfortunately, it’s close to a busy highway so mom was being a bit overprotective….



and it quickly turned into this…

but then our snow cones came and we cooled down and uncle joel came to the rescue!

the next day i would find a molar popping through his gums which could explain his cranky behavior the night before!

so, i need some good hospitality recipes.  nothing fattening, please!  and by that, i mean nothing with much dairy…or meat.  we’re turning into ovo-vegetarians around here! what do you serve your guests?


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2 comments on “hospitality

  1. mom henson says:

    C is just being a normal (although incredibly perfect and unique) young man! He wants what he wants and that doesn’t include a HUGE TOOTH popping up through his tender gums. Uncle Joel is a Jewel!
    Salad and french bread. That’s all you need! Maybe some olives.
    Love you!

  2. Sarah-Kate says:

    is it wrong that I totally laffed when your caption said “and then it turned to this” and that picture! UGH it was too funny…prolly not for you though. Sorry he’s going through some rough stuff right now. Looks like an amazing evening! SUPER JEALOUS but absolutely LOVED the pictures 🙂

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