caleb, outside

ok here it goes, last time, i promise. maybe.


i realized yesterday that caleb has not had the chance to walk outside.  i NEVER get outside anymore.  we have one car right now and dane takes it to the train station in the morning for work so we have no reason to leave the house.  i only check the mail every other day because i’m too lazy to go out into the heat.  we go to church on sundays, but we carry him in since we walk through a busy parking lot.  i don’t even open the blinds since we are trying to conserve energy.

last night dane had to change the oil in the car so we headed outside after dinner.  i didn’t do anything but sweat the entire 15 minutes. caleb, on the other hand, enjoyed being with his dad and figuring out how to walk over rocks.  

 he is such a doll!  he looks so tired and hot in the last picture.  we went in not too long after that was taken and he was definitely ready for bed.

i guess i should update more on how things are going rather than what we are doing all the time.  it’s really only half the story.  i don’t really know a better way to sum things up than to say, “great” “fabulous” or “perfect”.  i absolutely love my life.  i love my morning life, my day life, my afternoon life, my evening life, my night life, and my weekend life.  i love all my lifes! ha!

things are so sweet for dane and me right now.  i definitely think the first five years of marriage are spent just getting to know one another’s sins and learning to give grace and learning to truly love.  and after 3 years we still have a lot to learn, but we feel like we are ready to move on and develop OUR ministry together.  we know we’ve always been ministering, but we are now intentional about doing something together, with a purpose.  that’s when we decided to go ahead with fostering (almost done with the application, by the way! yay!).  we LOVE being parents, we are learning the important role God’s children have in our lives, and we love being married and growing together through all of it.  i would encourage you, if you’re married, to get together on something in ministry.  it can be something ‘small’ (is any ministry small?) like leading a bible study, ‘adopting’ a younger married couple and discipling them, or just making a vow to invite people over once a week to intentionally love on them.  give, give, GIVE!! whatever it is, pray and talk about it TOGETHER.  God has strengthened our marriage even in the few short weeks we have prayed over our ministry.  and it’s just been sweet.

financially, things are tough.  not the we-have-no-food kind of tough, but the we-want-out-of-debt-so-we-can-buy-a-house-with-a-lot-of-rooms-so-we-can-adopt-more-kids kind of tough.  each month, we are able to send more than just the minimum on our debt and dane has to remind me to be GRATEFUL for that!  ugh. i’m such a loser sometimes.  i am so thankful that i don’t have to work and that dane’s income takes care of our family, and then some!  we just need to work harder on conserving energy (um, IT’S HOT OUT THERE! there, i said it again), eating out less, and getting through this miserable summer heat!

also, thank you to all of my friends who called me this past week to hear ALL about the foster/adoption stuff.  it really means so much to both of us that you care so much and are so excited for us!  it’s brought me to tears several times just knowing that you are praying for us.  it’s so crazy to see where God has each of us at this time in our lives and yet He still brings us together to celebrate Him.  and i just love being able to have an excuse to call you and catch up! i love you!

One comment on “caleb, outside

  1. mom henson says:

    What a beautiful update. First of all, the pic of C with screwdrivers is PRICELESS! Keep posting about your foster/adoption process so we can know exactly how to pray. So exciting! Love to you ALL! XXXOOOOXXOO!

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