caleb – 15 months

what a super fun age this is!!!! i can’t even believe it!  i LOVE that he is still a baby, but is also WALKING and almost talking.

ack! so freaking cute!

here he is standing up on his own…in the last two he is smiling at his accomplishment. i can’t help but smile and clap for him!

some things i want to remember about this past month:

  • he is WALKING! it’s the best thing ever! i love that he can get around, he’s so much happier now!
  • he now says ‘ear’ along with ‘mama’ ‘dada’ ‘bah’ (ball) ‘haiiiiiii” (Hi) and i think that’s it.  he’s said other things, but these are the ones he uses regularly
  • he has a new sign: “again” for when we read books and sing!
  • his favorite things to do are putting items inside something (balls into milk jug, monsters into ice cube tray, etc) and reading books
  • still loves to dance
  • sleeps so great! still at two naps a day and sleeping 11 hours at night (last night he slept 13!)
  • when he sees my water glass within his reach, he picks it up and then stuffs his hand inside and splashes the water.  i usually hear him/see him from across the room and tell him to put it down (for fear he will drop it and it will break!) and he tries to set it down gently, but it usually ends up spilling.  then, he laughs….LOUDLY!  he thinks that’s the funniest thing!
  • he can point to his ear, nose, and belly button….as well as our body parts. ha!
  • he’s getting to be a bit picky with eating, but i’m glad we were able to get him used to lots of fruits and veggies before he started this phase.  he LOVES berries!
  • he enjoys giving kisses, like, every 5 minutes. mainly because i always ask if i can have one. hehe
i love his hair!  this was after his nap and his hair was sticking out on the right side.

caleb, you are the best, best, BEST baby.  i just don’t know what else to say about you.  you bring such delight to your dad and me EVERY MINUTE we spend with you.  you are so content and sweet and you can make a friend in anyone you meet.  don’t grow up, k?  i LOVE YOU!

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2 comments on “caleb – 15 months

  1. Sarah-Kate says:

    oy vey! These are so ridiculously cute! I just want to make raspberries on his sweet belly! LOVE HIS HAIR! LOVE HIS CUTE TEETH! LOVED LOVED LOVED the series of him standing up!!!

    Thank you for always keeping us updated. I feel like I get to watch him grow up…you haven’t let me down.

    Also…i’ve heard of this website called like blog to book or something and you can put all your blogs with pictures into a book. You are so clever you’ve probably thought of it already but it would be super cute for all your caleb updates. WAY better than a baby book because its so personal. LOVE IT ALL!!

  2. mom henson says:

    Me TOO! My favs were the standing up series and the first one of the grouping at the end because my hearts stopped when I saw it! Dane!!!! He looked just like him in that pic! Same expression and everything. AWWWW! SWEET!

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