30 day shred update

i did day 15/19 today.

i’m glad that i am halfway through to my goal, but i’m not excited that i’ve already taken 4 days off!  (my original goal was to do 30/35 days which means i only have one more day off and i’m pretty sure i’ll be taking that tomorrow since it’s sunday!) i took a last minute vacation down to san antonio to visit my dad and little brother and took two days off for that (but i did work out one time in the hotel, no DVD, i had memorized level 2!).

i am down 4lbs still, and i *think* i noticed some definition in my arms?!!!? yes! i’ll be measuring on day 20 to see if there is any difference!

dad and austin are here for the weekend so we’ve been eating out quite a bit, but i’ve been doing pretty well with my choices and i’m excited to get back into it next week before our anniversary weekend.  i would LOVE to be back at my wedding weight then!

also, i watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead on Netflix Instant last week and was really encouraged to start juicing for more of my meals.  great documentary about a guy who does a juice fast for 60 days.  it’s a $$ issue for us right now.  we are on a TIGHT budget (side note: do you know that we have paid off $23,500 in debt in that last 18 months?!!!? AND we bought a $5000 car with cash AND had a baby! crazy!!! it CAN be done, people!) so we are trying to cut down on other things so we can have more freedom in buying fruits and veggies!

in the next few months, i would love to do a 10 day juice fast.  my body is begging for some good stuffs!

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2 comments on “30 day shred update

  1. Sarah-Kate says:

    UH mazing about the debt lady!!! GO DAVE RAMSEY!! I’m so excited for you guys and I can’t wait until we are all debt free and can go gallivanting off every which way (lol not really but you know…FREEDOM!)

    Love the idea of a juice fast. So good for your body but yeah you go through a lot of fresh things so can be spendy.

    Great job on the shred! Laura is doing it right now. I gotta get me some o that shred! LOL can’t wait to hear about your results!! I LOVE YOU BABE!

  2. mom henson says:

    You’re a studdette! I can’t do Jillian, maybe when it gets cold outside. So impressed by the debt management!!!! WOW!

    I have to go exercise now after a long weekend with only a few walks included.

    Love you!!!!

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