activity: eating time objects




age attempted: 14 months

items: baby cup, baby bowl, baby spoon, tray

objective: build vocabulary

i first held the bowl (the one i thought he would know the least) and kept saying ‘bowl’.  then i introduced the cup (after he had a few minutes with the bowl so i could easily take it away) and then i introduced the spoon the same way.  after he had a few seconds to play/eat them, then i put the other two back on the tray so he could play with all of them.

i asked him questions like: “where is the bowl/spoon/cup” “can you put the bowl/spoon/cup in the bowl/cup” “can you eat the spoon” “can you drink from the cup”

he did well with placing the objects, but didn’t yet understand i wanted him to ‘show’ me each item. that’s the next step after exploring. we will do this activity at least once a week and i’m hoping it will help with his vocabulary.

this activity lasted about 10 minutes.




One comment on “activity: eating time objects

  1. mom henson says:

    Just wait till he starts telling you what is what! He’s got so much to say and will be doing it soon!

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