30 day shred: day 5

just finished day 5 of jillian’s 30 day shred. i have already lost 3 lbs (easy to do in the first week), but i’m hoping to see more results in my stomach and arms this time around…mainly ’cause i bought a cute one shoulder dress for our anniversary get away.  i’ve always wanted one, but never had the guts to wear one! and it’s pretty and slinky and i don’t want to ruin it with my flab! ha!

i started juicing in the mornings again which has really helped me throughout the day.  i read somewhere that whatever you eat first thing in the morning is usually what you will crave all day.  so if you eat toast, then you will want a sandwich for lunch and pasta for dinner, etc.  so start the day off right!

i took some photos a few days ago and they are tucked away in a secret place. i  plan to take photos on day 10, 20 and 30!  i’ve never done this before, but i see others do it and i think it really helps to see those small changes.

more updates to come, for sure! keep me accountable!


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One comment on “30 day shred: day 5

  1. mom henson says:


    Wrote several posts and cancelled them all.

    Let’s just say….you are healthy, vibrant, perfect for your family and gorgeous as well!!! Don’t sweat it too much!

    I love you!

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