so i finally measured myself.  i’m taking a break from running for two reasons:

1. i’m burnt out!  i don’t look forward to it anymore.

2. it’s freakin hot!  it’s 90 degrees by 8am! yikes! this has a lot to do with the first reason, too.

so i started Jillian’s 30 day shred (i’m about to do day 3).  i did it back in november and had great results after only completing 16/30 days.  my goal is to complete 30/35 days this time around!  i know i will need a few days off to keep me motivated.  and i hope to go back to running in september when it cools down a bit.

but, i wanted to list the differences in my measurements from last july to today. (red denotes negative)

bicep: 1/2″

bust:  3″

true waist – 3.5″

belly button waist – 4″

hips – 2″

thighs – 1″

calf – 1″

weight – 6.4%

i remember being so miserable last summer.  it was hot, i wasn’t getting much sleep, i had gained AFTER having caleb, and i couldn’t wear any clothes…just my maternity clothes and they were mostly for winter.

i still have a ways to go, but i’m happy that all the “extra” is gone.

not much change since february of this year so i’ve got to get to work on that!

off to shred it!

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2 comments on “measurements

  1. Sarah-Kate says:

    holy cow sugababe! you are doing a FANtastic job! How great to be able to see tangible improvements! I’m proud of you and keep up the good work!

  2. mom henson says:

    Well from what I saw when I got to FaceTime with you this week…….you are smokin’ hot! Always beautiful, but looking even more so these days. Keep up the good work!!!

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