a day in our life: july 2011

several of my mom friends have done this and i like the idea!  i would like to do this once every six months just to see how our day changes.  it will be fun to look back on this time and remember the daily grind!

so, if you have nothing better to do, here is a DETAILED list of what we did all day (and what we do most days).


6:00: dane gets up and readies for work. i make his lunch and offer a kiss and a wave.

6:15-7:00: rested in bed. i usually get up and make our bed, read, and get my workout clothes on (things i can do in our room), but we stayed up late the night before for the fireworks so i needed the extra time in bed. i think caleb woke up around 6:30, but we let him play in his room until 7:00…normal getting up hour. 🙂 so i listened to him and just read a bit in the Word.

7:00-7:20: breakfast which was a banana, cheerios, and almond milk.  i had two bananas.  i read my bible while he ate.  i’ve been reading through matthew and i read chapter 23 today…characterizing and condemning the pharisees.  prayed over the areas of my life where i am legalistic.  gotta watch out for those camels!

7:30: swish ‘n’ swipe bathroom (just a quick surface clean of the bathroom. i keep disinfectant wipes in there and use one each morning) while changing into workout clothes.

7:45 – 8:15: workout – level 2 of jillian’s 30 day shred.  it’s a cross training day and i’m trying to amp up my ‘off’ days from running.  she’s a killer!  caleb organized our DVDs while i was sweating away.

8:15 – 8:30: read books, play with monks (monkey), cars together, check my to-do list for the day

i cannot say enough how much i love his floor bed!  i love that he has a place to rest if he wants to!

i could tell he was getting tired so i tried one last trick to see if he would stay awake a bit longer…dancing!

8:30-8:50: head into our room to make the bed. it’s always a fun race…can i make the bed fast enough before caleb pulls something off our nightstand?  i usually win, but today he was close behind.  i rounded the corner of the bed and found him on the floor with my cup of water from the night before.  he had his hand in it, but hadn’t poured it out yet…thankfully.  then it was back into the living/kitchen/caleb’s room area. we played with magnetic letters on the fridge for a few minutes. i just introduced these since i just got them from erin a few days ago.

8:50-10:00: laid caleb down for a nap. he usually goes to sleep between 9 and 9:30, but he was up late last night (he didn’t stay up for the fireworks, but we heard him in his bed at 9!) and then woke up early this morning. so he was pretty tired.  i finished my morning chores which include cleaning the table, caleb’s tables area, countertops, putting away dishes from night before, showering, and zone work.  this week’s zone is the kitchen. yuck. there are 8 big cleaning projects for this area and i’m supposed to do 2 a day. today i chose the stove/oven and knick knacks.  the reason i don’t like the kitchen zone and the reason i have been avoiding it the last few times is because of my pantry situation.  it’s a mess and despite my best efforts to keep it organized, i just don’t have the shelving i need.  ugh.  dane took a look at it over the weekend and was brainstorming. hopefully he will come up with something.  so i decided to eliminate a few things by putting them in my spice jars.  i’ve never used them for spices, but other miscellaneous objects like nails, stamps, batteries, tacks, etc.  so i just threw all of those things into the junk drawer (: and filled them with spices aaaaand labeled them aaaand put them in alphabetical order. then i showered.

10:00: caleb is awake. hmmm…that’s a bit early for him.  i go in to assess and find that he has a dirty diaper. change him and put him back down.  he doesn’t go back to sleep, but plays on his bed. started a load of laundry.

10:15-10:30: eat bon bons. JUST KIDDING! haha. had to throw that in there…i actually prepared lunches for both of us.

10:30-10:45: talked to vivian about a possible dance party!

10:45: get caleb for lunch…i can tell he is getting anxious to get up.

10:45-11:10: LUNCH! mac and cheese, blackberries, almond milk, and pretzels.  i had a pb and honey sandwich, pretzels, nectarine, and carrots.

11:10-11:20: clean up lunch dishes and caleb’s table area. move laundry over.

11:20-11:30: “I SPY” activity with eating things.  this is to help with vocabulary. i hope to blog a more detailed post about it.

11:30 – 12:00: Individual play time in his room.  he read books, played with his ring tower, played with the abacus, and other things, i’m sure.  i started this blog post so it wouldn’t take me 3 hours. (:


12:00-2:00: this is the time we usually run errands, but since dane took the car to work today we are stuck in the house. this time can be hard since he doesn’t nap until 2:00 most days. and (if you haven’t noticed already) his attention spans 15 minutes right now. so 2 hours is a loooong time for a 14 month old. and it’s sooo hot outside…can’t wait until it cools down and we can head to the park and swing or something.

so this day we just hung out in the living area.  caleb played with all of his toys in his living room toy box.  he especially loves monks and is always rolling around on him. he also really loves putting balls into this plastic milk jug i found at thrift town. those kept his attention the longest. then we read books and practiced walking and danced a bit.  this is the time i can do all the extra stuff like check and sort the mail, cut coupons, put up laundry, straighten in his room, research new activities for caleb, and just enjoy playing with my son.  he brightens my day and i love watching him learn.

we’re kinda all over the place and i didn’t take many pictures.

here we are in his room reading a book on his bed.

he claps when we finish. 🙂

2:00-3:30: nap time! i laid him down and then headed into the office.  it was tuesday and that’s the day designated for all of my business stuff.  i edit, blog, pay taxes, type invoices, email clients, make orders, etc.  i didn’t get everything done that i needed to, but it was enough until next week.

3:30-3:45: snack time! water and pretzels and baby puffs



3:45-5:00:  this is the same as the lunch time hour(s).  we just play. i don’t usually plan anything because i’m not sure how long he will sleep.  i tidy things up again for when dane gets home.

5:00-6:00: daddy is home!  we didn’t have anything planned for the evening so we all just hung out on the couch and talked and played. 




6:00: started dinner.  and oddly enough i got a huge headache and dane ended up taking over for me. 🙂  i don’t really ever get them.  thankful i have him to help me out!  so i just laid on the couch for 20 minutes and looked through a photo album with caleb.


7:00-7:30: dinner.  it was rough for a few minutes.  caleb and i were both very frustrated with the spoon system.  the rice just wasn’t staying on! haha!  we finally worked it out and he got fed.

7:30-8:00: laid caleb down for bedtime.  it’s usually 8, but he was getting cranky. clean up dinner, wash dishes, clean caleb’s area.

8:00-8:30: dane showers and i veg out at my computer, checking facebook, pinterest, twitter, etc.  i also made dane’s lunch and picked out my clothes for the next day.

8:30-9:30: played rummikub with dane.  we just weren’t in the mood for watching tv so we decided to play a few rounds.  we always laugh and have great conversation and it reminds me why i married him.  we truly are the best of friends.  we talked about gay marriage, made up new dance moves, i told him about caleb’s day, he shared what he read in exodus, and we just enjoyed our evening together. i cherish him.

9:30: readied for bed and then it was light’s out!  i texted nicole for awhile and read and prayed for our siblings (that’s tuesday nights!).

i think i was asleep by 10:30!

that’s a typical day in the henson household.  and it was actually a quiet day. no guests or church events or errands. wow! i loved it!




2 comments on “a day in our life: july 2011

  1. mom henson says:

    This is the BEST! I feel like I’m there with y’all and part of your day. What a blessing and I LOVE the details. You must do it again!!!

  2. Ginger Ivey says:

    What a great idea!! Going to have to do it for us…but it will have to wait a week until after my mom leaves–because it won’t be a typical day with her here! But I want to do it before baby comes and our world changes all over again!

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