sorting activity

age attempted: 13 months

i am trying to post more photos of our activities together.  this one is from an online book that i subscribe to.

activity: sorting figures/animals/balls/blocks into separate spaces of an ice cube tray.

we used leftover monsters from one of my baby showers.  we didn’t have enough so i grabbed other random things.  and then a few days later i received some monster buttons from my mother-in-law! yay! now we have a complete set of different monsters to work with. the book suggested using the same items (farm, monsters, cats, balls) so they focus more on sorting them into each space and not trying to sort the figures.

i set out a bowl with the items next to the ice cube tray.  and then i put each of the items into the ice cube tray and then put them back into the bowl.  then i asked him if he could do it.


he had to ‘feel’ them for himself.  after licking, sucking, eating them he finally made his way over to the ice cube tray after much encouragement from me! ha!  i let him play and eat them, but i didn’t let him carry them off and go play with something else.  he had to ‘play’ with them by the bowl or ice cube tray.


he didn’t understand to put them back into the bowl after putting them in the ice tray so i just helped him with that.

i was very impressed that he sat there for 20 minutes and played/ate/watched me sort the items.  i really thought it would be over in 5 minutes after he tasted each one. 🙂

we have now done this activity 3 times and he still continues to eat each one to ‘feel’ it again.  this last time i encouraged him to place it in the ice tray immediately after picking up a monster.  i think he’s getting the hang of it.  we are going to try it again today and see if he’s ready to sort.

my goal is to take more photos of our activities and post here.

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