sick day

today, my man stayed home from work because he has the stomach flu.

he is still dizzy and achy from when it hit hard yesterday morning, but he made an appearance in the living room today!

we decided to call it a ‘sick’ day for all of us because i was feeling a little tired (need to get my thyroid prescription refilled!) and so we watched tv while playing with caleb.  we have a very strict policy for watching tv: none while caleb is awake.  it’s the most he has watched in the last 6 months so i hope he’s not more stupider because of it. 🙂 we did throw in his first episode of sesame street to balance things out?

there’s only one word to describe caleb these days…sweet.  he kisses, hugs, flirts, and loves on his family (and stuffed monkeys).  he even touches my hair as if he were to comment on how soft it is.  he never pulls or yanks, just caresses.  he also kisses everyone in his family picture book. he’s just really into the LOVE right now. ha! i love that he is at the age where he will hang out with you for a few minutes on the couch before heading off to play with blocks or cars.  he especially loves being with his dads.

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One comment on “sick day

  1. mom henson says:

    OH! 😦 I absolutely HATE any stomach bug. 😦 Sorry Dane-man.

    LOVE the pics of Dane and C hanging out. They both look so content. That is the SWEETEST! Stay well all of you!!!

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