caleb – 14 months

wow. let’s see here…14 months…what’s new:

  • he took two steps last week! but, that’s about it! ha! he pulls up on everything and maneuvers around the couch and chairs just great, but i guess he just likes the way of the crawl. 🙂
  • i moved his high chair out of the living area yesterday and replaced it with a kiddie table and chair (the one dane’s mom painted and his dad made!)
  • started using a spoon by himself more often.  i still scoop the food onto the spoon, but he picks it up and puts it in his mouth.  next step is eliminating the sippy cup! ahhhh!  i know it takes determination and a LOT of patience, something i feel i am lacking these days!
  • he LOVES his new kitty roommates, ninnymuggins and scribble, but they don’t really love him.  i think he’s only been able to touch them a handful of times.
  • he is still sleeping really great on his floor bed and sleeps from 8:00-7:00 during the night and is still taking two naps.  although, this past week has been hit or miss with the morning nap.  i KNOW he still needs it because on the days he misses he is so unhappy and miserable by his afternoon nap. i think he might be teething.  he’s just been a little more irritable than usual.  we’ll see if anything pops up.
  • speaking of teeth, he still has 8.
  • we go to the doctor next month so i’m not sure what he weighs.  i’m guessing around 26lbs?
  • he is sooooo tan.  we jog 3 times a week for about an hour and EVERYONE comments on his skin.  he was lucky enough to get his daddy’s genes.

this is what he looked like yesterday morning.  i went out to get the paper and there he was (as usual) standing at the door to greet me.  it melts my heart every time!

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One comment on “caleb – 14 months

  1. mom henson says:

    Our little JEWEL! He melts my heart EVERY TIME too! I so look forward to theses updates even though I try to keep up with your lives as best I can. LOVE overflows my heart!

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