full home


saturday morning we woke early and headed to the park to play some disc golf (dane) and jog (caleb and me).

when we arrived home, the table was set and a beautiful arrangement was made for the centerpiece (which didn’t surprise me since we live with a talented florist).

i remember thinking, “how lovely! what a completely full jar! it’s just bursting with beauty”


and that’s how i feel about our home right now.

dane’s sister, nicole, and her husband, joel, moved into our office two weeks ago. i still cannot believe it.  we have been praying over our living space for about a month and the Lord has truly blessed us by giving us the perfect siblings, roommates, and friends.  i have loved every minute of them being here and i know i will be terribly sad once they find jobs and a place of their own.

that morning when we came home to that beautiful arrangement, our roommates had prepared a wonderful breakfast for us!  once it was set on the table we shared a prayer and began passing plates of food around the table.  we listened to swing music and chatted about our plans for the day.  caleb had us laughing when he started eating his pancakes. the kid loves him some pancakes (like his mama!).

those are the times i want to remember forever.

when my home is full, my heart is full.

One comment on “full home

  1. mom henson says:

    Same here! I LOVE a full house!!!! So happy for y’all. Enjoy every second!!!

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