date night: part 2

our original ‘big’ date night was planned for thursday, may 12th.

i say ‘big’ because we usually try to go out once a week. and just with each other twice a month. on those nights i usually just pack up the baby bag, slap on some mascara, and head out the door without much of a plan. but, this thursday night was special because dane had planned the entire thing and it was a surprise to me until thursday morning.

the plan:

downtown dallas

by train




music at an irish pub

train ride home

my good friend, erin, usually watches caleb for us while we go out. we had this planned for a few weeks so she showed up at about 6:00pm and we headed toward the train station about a mile from our house. i said, “11:00 would be the latest we will return” and was worried that might be too late since she had work the next day. she reassured me that was fine and that she would enjoy her night hanging out with caleb and time to herself.

so off to the train we went. this part takes a little over an hour due to a switch and distance, but it is so fun! we both love riding the train and it’s so nice for both of you to be able to sit next to each other, read books, or share a magazine while you ride. the night started with great conversation as we passed new parts of the city we had yet to visit. and met some interesting characters, as was expected, all throughout our journey.





we arrived at mockingbird station and it could not have been a more beautiful night. we were both really hungry, but wanted to walk and window shop for a few minutes before we lost light. we went to a few of my favorites: american apparel and urban outfitters.


next we headed to dinner, drinks, and music at Trinity Hall which was in the same area. we both love the irish. our next big trip will be to ireland in two years. it’s the one place we have both always wanted to go even before we knew each other. so dane picked the perfect place because this was a traditional irish pub. they served traditional dishes and had LOTS of drink choices. needless to say, i enjoyed it.

there was only one problem: the service. we had 4 or 5 different servers at our table throughout dinner and then when it came time for the ticket we waited another 20-30 minutes. we expected slow service since it was a busy night and we weren’t in any hurry. we were enjoying the company, music, and time away from the house.

so we took pics of each other on my phone.



and then it died. oh well, dane has his phone, i thought.

it was starting to get late so dane finally searched for someone to help us check out.

we caught the train back home and talked about our favorite things from the evening. and when we ran out of things to say we just observed the train riders and wondered where they came from and where they were going. the whole time we were holding hands and i remember looking at him and thinking, what a perfect way to end the day. and it truly was.

little did i know it was far from over. 🙂

shortly after arriving at our connecting station dane informed me we would have to wait an hour for the next train. it was 10pm.

“oh, and also, it’s only going halfway home because it’s the last train to run for the night.”

wait, what?

and then mama bear showed up. mama bear is my altar ego and usually takes over when a situation arises dealing with caleb. sometimes, mama bear is not always rational in her thinking which can lead her to do, well for lack of a better word, irrational things. or saying irrational things like:

“we’re calling a cab”

“we’re renting a car”

“i’ll ask the operator to go ahead and take us home”

all the while flailing my arms sighing heavily every 4 seconds.

then my husband states that we will just have to wait for the next train and he will have Logan (his best friend) come and get us at the next station and take us home.

“oh, ok….i guess that would work. we just need to call erin and tell her we will be there around 11:30”, i said. the guilt started creeping up as i realized erin would be returning home at such a late hour. and it just annoys me when people do things like that to me. ugh.

dane had already reached for his phone, bless his heart, tried to wake it up and then looked at me and said, “it’s dead.”

and then mama bear turned on her heels and walked away.

i wasn’t mad at dane.  it wasn’t his fault.  my phone died, too.  and caleb was at home sleeping soundly.  and erin is one of the coolest girls in the whole world and i knew deep down she would understand.  and logan prolly didn’t have anything better to do that night and i knew he had friday off, but still, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!!!? how are we going to get home?

so i walked away to cool off by stomping and grunting.  i know, it’s a weird habit.

after a hug and ‘i’m so sorry about all this’, dane led me inside the station where we found 5 lonesome payphones.  we had $2 which is just enough for two phone calls to logan.  two phone calls that logan didn’t answer.

i was literally banging my head against the wall next to the phone and laughing.  what a night.

then, across the room, no doubt watching and laughing at us the entire time, a young man offered to lend his phone for a call.  we nearly sprinted over and found he had a matching charger for dane’s phone. yes! finally, a break!  we waited patiently while dane’s phone fueled up and chatted with the young man.

“so, you guys from fort worth?”  oh, it was soooo obvious that we had no clue what we were doing!  he was the cool, hip teenager from dallas who knew all about the city and its rough ways.  i am so thankful for this young man and his service to us.  and for not laughing even though we clearly were a comical sight.

by the time we contacted erin and logan to let them in on the new plans our train had arrived.  we sat in silence this time.  we read my magazine and listened to some teenagers’ friendly banter a few seats up from us.  we were exhausted, but happy.

we arrived home at 12:30am and offered our friends a nightcap and retold the entire story.  i check in on my little man and kissed his resting head. we fell into a deep asleep around 2:00am and i am still convinced it was a perfect way to end the night…safe beside my man and with a new adventure to tell.

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