caleb – 13 months

i thought i would start posting the big updates about caleb every 3 months after his first birthday, but i want to be able to look back and remember all the sweet baby things he does each month…maybe after his 2nd birthday. 🙂

he ‘talks’ now! he genuinely tries to complete sentences with his own words. most of the time we nod and smile because we just love hearing him talk.

he stands by himself more now. he has been pulling up on several objects for a few months, but now he will pull himself up and then stand for a few seconds. getting closer!

we started using cloth diapers. we use gdiapers and they are rad. i love them, the rashes are gone (except for a weird one today), and it’s gonna save us some cash!

the floor bed is still going well. it’s been 6 weeks now and i read that it takes anywhere from 3-6 weeks for them to get truly adjusted.  he only gets up a handful of times now (and most of the time not at all!).  we’ve gone a few mornings without a nap because of traveling, errands, and visitors and he’s clearly not ready for it!  so we’re at two naps/day. usually 1.5 hours and then 2-2.5 hours.  and he sleeps 10-11 hours at night.  i am so thankful we put him on a good routine early on because i don’t think the kid would be a good sleeper if we hadn’t.

he still loves to dance.  i love when he wiggles his whole body. it makes everyone around him want to dance, too!

he fake laughs when you say, ‘funny’. and if everyone is laughing he will start fake laughing.  he just wants to join in on the fun even if he doesn’t know what’s actually being said.

he LOVES to FaceTime using my iPhone.  we usually do that once a week with grandma lisa.  he loves to have everyone looking at him!

he says “oooooooooohhhhh” for ‘uh-oh’…or at least i think that’s what he’s using it for. he says it when he drops something or falls. 🙂

his only words are ‘hi!!!”, “mooooww” (more), and “dat” (dad). he says, ‘mama’, but not ever directly at me…only when he’s around me so i’m not sure if he’s just mumbling.

his favorite place to be is outside! i go walking/ jogging at least 4 days a week and he will sit in the stroller without a peep for an hour.  dane and i also like to play disc golf and just started going more often.  he will sit in the stroller for over 2 hours then!!! it’s amazing how much he just loves to be outside and it doesn’t matter what he’s doing.  dane also just put up a clothes line for me (which i love!) so i put him nearby on a blanket while i hang/take down laundry.  he usually just plays with a stick or claps.

he loves cats and dogs (mainly because those are the two pets he can touch and has been around). dane’s sister and her husband just moved in with us and have two kittens.  they aren’t too sure of him yet, but he can’t wait to get his hands on them! it will be interesting since our cat passed away when he was 6 months and he hasn’t been around too many pets.

when we are at the park he loves to swing.  he can never get enough.  he cries a little when you take him out. we need to get one ASAP!

and here’s a sweet picture of me and my boy.  thanks to my husband for capturing this quickly before he bolted away.

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