(oops, this was supposed to publish earlier this week!)

you know when you were little and you would say something like,

“i LOOOOOOOOOOVE mac and cheese.”

and your friend (or obnoxious brother) would reply with,

“well, why don’t you just marry it then?”

and then you would stick out your tongue and continue eating your mac and cheese wondering what it would be like to be married to pasta.

well, believe me when i say i would MARRY adele’s new album, 21.

i love it that much.

i know i can be dramatic, but when it comes to material things i have a hard time saying absolute statements, but here it goes….


so i would marry it.

reasons i love it:

  • i just love adele. always have. killer voice. beautiful girl.
  • i almost just listed the tracks on the album, because they each deserve their own bullet. you’ve prolly already heard her first single ‘rolling in the deep’, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg with this album. and that’s what gets me to say ‘yes’ to a marriage proposal.  you have to have the entire package.  i should be able to put on an album and listen to it in its entirety and either a) sign and dance along or b) not want to skip to the next track.
  • the girl can sing. effortlessly.
  • the title, 21, is for the age she recorded it.  her first full album, 19, was named for the same thing.
  • it has piano!  i love a good ballad. add pop and a soulful voice to the mix and it’s PERFECT.  my two favorite tracks are ‘take it all’ and ‘someone like you’ which allow the listener to get lost in her emotions.
  • the entire album was written about/around one relationship

it’s $10.99 on iTunes

and $10.99 on Amazon

and $10 at Target

2 comments on “adele

  1. YES!
    LOVE Adele! I first heard of her about a month ago. One of her songs was in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. When I heard it, I scribbled down some of the lyrics so I could look up who it was and the name of the song. It was “Someone Like You.” My favorite songs are that one and “Turning Tables.”

  2. sean says:

    I could listen to her sing the phonebook. She’s awesome.

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