confessions of a mombrain chapter 5

i really like to use disinfectant wipes on my counter tops at least once a day.

i have all sorts of cleaner underneath my sink, but i just LOVE (not marry love, just regular love) the wipes.  they are convenient and they smell good.  i especially like using them on caleb’s highchair.  i just have my system down and the wipes work for me, k?

and then my entire system falls apart when i run out.

we could be out of food or toiletries, but if we are out of those wipes i immediately write it down on ‘the list’ and schedule a trip to the grocery store.

this time was no different.  well, it was different, because i kept forgetting to write it down. which is not like me…even though i have a bad case of mombrain…i have a system and i try to stick to it, because of said mombrain, but i didn’t write it down this time!  which is so frustrating.  the system is: write it down when you throw it away.  easy. duh. DO IT! ugh.

anyway, a few days later when i actually make it to the grocery store i forget the wipes because i, again, forgot to write it down.  at least i got food this time.

later on that same day i began to start cleaning up the house and dreaded having to use a spray bottle *gasp* to clean the counter tops and high chair.  i finished my chores and realized it wasn’t so bad after all…just a few extra steps in my system that i could adjust to.

and then i opened the fridge and put the spray bottle cleaner by the milk.  and then i shut the fridge.

i reopened the refrigerator door and as i chuckled to myself i thought, “now that’s a mombrain moment…putting the cleaner in the fridge…by the milk…i could see myself mistaking that for juice…maybe i should blog about this.”

and as i reached into the grab the spray bottle cleaner i recognized something else.

the disinfectant wipes container.

in the fridge. next to the milk.

which i didn’t remember to throw away.

so i didn’t remember to write it on ‘the list’.

so i’m really not that crazy after all.

see, i have a system and it works for me.

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3 comments on “confessions of a mombrain chapter 5

  1. Lauren Zaffos says:


  2. sarah ramak says:

    I literally laughed out loud on this one. I think eventually you could make a whole movie or book out of these moments. They are great!

  3. mom henson says:

    LO REALLY LOUD! I have done and still do these things. You eloquently captured the insanity of it all. Mom’s have a craziness all their own and it is wonderful!

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