date night: part 1

(yay! I can blog from my phone!)

this is Erin, the baby whisperer. She watches Caleb when we go on dates.


On this particular night we went and saw my friend, Meg, play in downtown fort worth.


She is super talented and I hope she starts playing a bit more. (she is a teacher during the day) Meg was my best friend in college. She was also a great mentor and guided me in my faith. I’m glad I get to see her on a somewhat regular basis.


I love impromptu dates. And I love that Erin was able to come over on such short notice. She’s moving away in a few months and we are really going to miss her. she also happens to be one of my closest friends here in dfw. We meet for discipleship weekly and I absolutely love her heart for the Lord. Her testimony is incredible and such an encouragement to me!

this was also the night before our planned date.

the date that didn’t go at all according to plan.

more on that later…


2 comments on “date night: part 1

  1. mom henson says:

    I adore reading about your adventures and I love you so!!!!

  2. Lauren Zaffos says:

    can’t wait to hear about it šŸ˜‰ and guess what? I got an iphone! pretty fun stuff i tell ya…:)

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