i speak the truth

farmers, texans, and moms love the rain more than anyone else in the world.

farmers need it for their crops to grow.

texans need it to end the drought out west and to eliminate more possible fires.

and moms need it so their sweet babies will fall into a more deep sleep during naptime.


this is his ‘baby’ face.  this age is so strange for moms. in the span of 2 seconds you will see your kiddo go from baby to big kid.

it’s raining today so we’ve been finding something to do in each room of the house.  caleb is having a blast exploring and helping me clean.  he is at the age that if i ask him, “oh, can i have that?” he will hand it to me! success! no more pens/trash/food/chapstick/pennies in the mouth! ok, it hasn’t completely eliminated everything, but it helps.

thank you Lord for the rain!  i heard lubbock fiiiiiinally got some rain after a 6 or 7 month drought.  thank You for always taking care of us.  even when we doubt you and question your timing.  all praise to you, the great I AM!

off to do more chores while baby sleeps his deep sleep during the lovely rain.

One comment on “i speak the truth

  1. mom henson says:

    His ‘baby’ face is so sweet! Oh how I wish I could be there puttering around the house with you and caleb.

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