fun weekend with kinsey

the last weekend in april was spent with our niece. my granny kept her thursday evening and then they drove 1.5 hours to have a picnic lunch at the park on friday (and to ‘drop’ her off with me for the rest of the weekend)

in a nutshell, i am VERY close to my niece.  i had the privilege of seeing her come into this world almost 4 years ago and was able to love on her HOURLY during her first three months of life.  those memories are very dear to my heart and i love every second i get to spend with her!

some fun stuff she said

caleb is my cuzin aaaaand my best friend, k?”

(after praying for our meal) – “but we forgot to pray for mimi and pa!” “well, do YOU want to pray for them?” “no

and i can’t remember all the other ones right now.

anyway, here are some snaps from the time she was at our house…

the second photo showcases a classic caleb pose. he always turns his head to the side to get your attention.

we do not spend much time outside anymore due to the fact that caleb throws up almost every time because he’s eaten a stick, leaf, or some other foreign object.  here he is picking up a tasty treat.

on saturday after lunch we filled up the baby pool. it was his first time to be in a big area by himself in the water (i have an irrational fear of kids drowning…not just mine, but ALL kids. i know, i’m working on it).

isn’t this great?

kinsey didn’t like when he splashed so we taught her how to ‘re-direct’ so she was always trying to bribe him with a toy, but it hardly ever worked. he LOVED splashing.

afterwards we had popsicles, of course!

we tried getting one of the four of us. after several attempts, this was the best we got.

his creamy, baby skin puts me to shame! love it.

i’m excited to get out and work on my tan while baby boy splashes!

One comment on “fun weekend with kinsey

  1. mom henson says:

    These are BEAUTIFUL!!! What a fun time and so cute to see Kinz & C playing in the pool.

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