book themed party: invitations

i’m working on pics of the big party we had this weekend. it was a blast! it will probably take me a few more days since i had my best friend, nicole, take most of the detail shots for me. so i have her photos as well as mine to shuffle through.

so i thought i would start with the invites.

i knew i wanted something simple yet fun.

here is what i came up with. it was printed on UV coated thick paper so that added a nice touch as well. it was a single 5×7 card printed front and back.

this really set the stage for his entire party.  i wanted it to be clean, modern, and not overwhelming. it also doubled as a new pic for the fridge!

here was my thought process for the party (that i started planning 6 months ago!):

  • i knew i wanted to create my own theme. yes, i know that having a book party is not original, but the way it was all put together made it so.
  • i did not care to have any ‘sets’ of anything (i.e. – matching spiderman cups, plates, napkins, etc). when he gets older he can help plan how he wants to celebrate.
  • i would start with a white ‘base’ (table cloths, cake, cake bites) and then add in pops of red and aqua to bring it all together
  • i wanted to make most everything (but not the cake stuff. ha! i’m not a baker)
  • i wanted to give guests another option besides toys as a gift (this helps both parents AND guests!)
  • i wanted it to look simple. and neat.

so i had to start with the invites (in my head) first. they didn’t actually get done until the last minute, but i had the idea for months.

little did i know i would have the hardest time choosing a photo. i went back and forth several times with design, but in the end i chose just one (like i had originally wanted) and then printed the rest (all 60 something) and had them displayed on a tree at the party. i still don’t know how i decided. i had my own system that made sense at the time. ha!

here were some of my favorite out takes (i even had a hard time picking these 16! there are so many fun ones!)…

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2 comments on “book themed party: invitations

  1. sarah ramak says:

    OH my GOODNESS! I have no clue how you picked. I kept saying in my head “thats my favorite.” “No that one is!” I love them all. I have the invitation in my office propped up in a frame and I get SOOOOOO many compliments and questions, “who’s caleb?” “who took this picture” “he’s so adorable” “whats this for” “how come he’s so cute” lol…then I tell them his parents are models. They nod in approval. Love this post and i’m so anxious to see pictures from the party! Thanks for letting us all share in this special day!

  2. mom henson says:

    Shababe! You did a magnificently creative job on Caleb’s 1st! It was everything it should have been from the invites to the storm at the end. ONE birthday to remember!!!

    His invite still sits proudly in a stand on my kitchen counter. I see him everyday and love him all the more.

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