blogs i love: the happy family movement

yes! just the site i’ve been looking for. i’m all about the mom/family blogs these days. especially ones that provide fun, daily, easy activities to do with caleb.

josh and jenny solar are photographers. they are also parents.

really fun and awesome parents.

and they blog about it.

and have started a movement.

it’s called the happy family movement and it truly is happy.

i joined their ‘music for happy people’ newsletter a month ago. each monday, they send you five songs they have found to be happy. i’ve bought a few of them and am working on making an entire play time album for caleb for his room.

they also have a road trip travel kit. they have three young kiddos and they love taking road trips together. they know how stressful that can be for parents (and the kiddos) so they have created an ‘adventure in a box’ that you can purchase to take on your road trips. it’s a pretty neat idea and a great resource if you’re looking into hitting the road this summer!

2 comments on “blogs i love: the happy family movement

  1. mom henson says:

    What a great family! I’ve seen things like ‘the Adventure in a Box’ and even created our own sometimes. Such a cool idea.

  2. Jenny Solar says:

    Holy smokes, Shari! Thanks for the shout out and the kind words!! We’re thrilled that you like our movement!

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