happy birthday, belac tnarg!

what?!!? i cannot believe a year ago today i gave birth. without drugs. daaaaaaaaang. and i’m still having flashbacks. hehe.

back to the birthday boy…

here’s what he’s been up to this past month:

  • we started giving him almond milk. no cow’s milk for us. he’s also eating more ‘real’ foods like pasta, breads, cheerios, etc.
  • he gives kisses. they’re sweet and tongue-y, but so perfect coming from him
  • he loves to dance! i love this stage. i remember this time with my niece and couldn’t wait for caleb to get here. we dance all day every day!
  • he signs ‘more’ (same as clapping), ‘all gone’ (hands really high in the air waving), says ‘hi’. he says a lot of other words, but these are the only ones he can do on command.
  • he is pulling up on everything and getting braver each day.
  • he is now sleeping on a floor bed. he has transitioned really well considering he slept in a box cage for 9 months. i still sit with him for 30-45 minutes until he falls asleep, but that’s progress from the 120 when we started. 🙂 i hope to be completely out of his room in the next week.
  • he now has room time which is individual play time by himself in his room for about 20-30 minutes twice a day. i already mentioned that i rearranged his room and now it’s more ‘playtime’ friendly. we both love it.
  • he could sit and read books for hours at a time. he’s still really great at turning pages and i’m impressed that he doesn’t try to eat them.
  • he now officially sucks his thumb when going to sleep. he had been doing this off and on for about 3 months, but now it’s constant. and it’s so cute.
  • grew another tooth….he now has 5

we’ve been playing with blocks more and more each day. we’re working on keeping focus this week. i did some research on 12 month activities and ‘knocking down blocks’ was one of them. so we sit for 20-30 minutes and i build towers while he knocks them down…..

he loves time with his dad. dane is definitely becoming the ‘fun’ one. he spins, throws, and wrestles…just like boys are supposed to. it’s so sweet seeing them bond together. here they are sharing one of dane’s favorite treats…

he also loves hanging out with both of us. (it’s really hard to get a pic of all three of us, btw!)

there are those cute teeth.

i can hardly get a photo anymore because if i get down on the floor he comes and finds me and stands up. i love this shot of his profile.

so today (on his birthday) we went to visit my mom in mineral wells. she got a new job as the administrator for the palo pinto nursing home and they were hosting an easter egg hunt for the preschool kiddos. i brought caleb and granny brought my niece kinsey. it was supposed to be outside, but we were a bit rained out. they changed the location of the hunt to the dining room so that’s why these are all black and white (poor lighting + laziness).

here is my niece geared up for the first hunt…

gah!!!! i just LOVE those eyes! i was reading in one of my child development books that there’s two kinds of babies: crawlers and seers. it makes sense, but i just loved the way it explained everything in terms of their development. my baby has always been a seer. that’s why God gave him those big eyes. he takes everything in and then he bolts away.

this is my granny (his great-granny).

here’s kinsey trying to get caleb to smile (we just arrived and interrupted his morning nap).

here’s kinsey after the first hunt. she got to participate in the 2nd one since she’s the administrator’s granddaughter. 🙂

here’s what caleb did the whole time. i was afraid he would be trampled on so he sat in granny’s lap and chewed on an unopened easter egg. he had a good time. afterwards i let him crawl all over the floor while he chased his cousin.

i’m so thankful for all the rain here in texas. i’ve been looking at the forecast since caleb’s party is scheduled to be outdoors on saturday evening and it’s looking like it will be pretty gloomy. but none of it matters, because my baby will be spending quality time with his extended family (ok, i might be a bit excited about seeing them, too!).

happy birthday,  little one. i never knew my life could change so much in just one short year.  having you has drawn me closer to God as a Believer, wife, and now mom. i want nothing more than to see you grow up a warrior for His name and glory and i am honored that He has called me to raise you. i pray your child like wonder is not tarnished by this world as we struggle to protect you.  i hope you will still give hugs and kisses even when my parenting faults show and i sin against you.  you are my treasure, my prized possession, and i will forever celebrate my role as your mom.

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One comment on “happy birthday, belac tnarg!

  1. mom henson says:

    First: The pix. My favorites are of Dane, C and marshmallows in the office. Then the last with Granny holding him. LOVE IT!

    Your last paragraph grabbed my heart. You put into words what I always thought as a mom.

    I prayed these same things over Dane and Nicole. Get ready!!! Our Maker/Savior will answer your prayers in ways you cannot imagine. My babies drew me closer to my King than I could have ever imagined. It is a PRIVILEGE and JOY to be given children. Last but not least, as Dane can attest, they will forgive your mistakes and failures. Blessings!

    Truly wish I could have been there on his birthday, but his birthday weekend was PERFECT! His party could not have been any better.

    Miss and love you all so much!!!

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