“what was i thinking?” has popped into my head dozens of times this week.

on thursday our little guy is turning one. i will be traveling out of town to see my mom, granny, and niece (an hour away) for an easter egg hunt. then i will drive back to celebrate easter with my bible study for a sedar meal that evening. my in-laws are flying in late that night, but i doubt i’ll see them until friday *pout*.

friday will be a day FULL of last minute preparations for the big party! (and LOTS of california grandparent time for caleb!) i’ve received several RSVPs from my family and friends and now i’m getting excited! my dad is hosting a cookout that night at our house with just the parents. and then my bestest friend (she is also known as dane’s sister) and her husband will be flying in at midnight friday night. buuuuut, they’re staying with us so i KNOW i’ll be seeing them. it’s going to be tough not staying up until 3AM like we usually do.

and then saturday is the big day. it’s like a mini wedding (have i already said that?). BOTH of our families will be together again. i think family means so much more when you start one of your own. i might literally burst with joy just thinking about everyone being in the same area.

so, “what was i thinking?” when i decided to completely change caleb’s room to reflect a montessori setting in the midst of the craziness this week? he now has a FLOOR BED!  who knew i would be letting my almost-one-year old sleep on a mattress on the floor! crazy!

anyway, some of you may have noticed my absence from social media and/or blogging (i wrote all the recent blogs last week and scheduled them for friday and monday so maybe not). it’s because i’m spending quality time with my baby in his new play room and helping him transition to his new sleeping arrangement. it’s going really well. he’s down for sleep #4 in his ‘new’ bed and it only took him about 30 minutes. there’s been minimal crying (only when he’s super tired) and he’s learning the boundaries of his bed. i’ve been sitting in his room and only communicating with him when he gets up in a crawling position to take off. hopefully by this weekend we will be able to lay him on his bed and then leave the room. but until then i’m enjoying the extra time to read up on toddler activities, montessori, and theology.

i’m sure the other rooms of my house miss me (especially the sink), but there will be plenty of hours i’ll spend catching up with them someday soon.

until then you’ll find me in the nursery. on the floor. by the bed.

(pictures to come one day when we remove the blankets around the bed and the crib and i figure out exactly what i would like his play area to look like)

One comment on “whew

  1. mom henson says:

    You are much braver than I ever was. Dane and Nicole slept in cribs until around 2 years of age then we transitioned and they did great. You are opening new horizons in this grandma’s mind. More like “blowing” my mind! 🙂 I expect nothing less from you though.

    I will see you in 3 days. That is unreal! Love you so!!!!

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