goals update

i am down 10.4% since september 2010! when i get down to my final goal…i’ll write out my entire journey after having caleb with true weight and everything. it’s definitely an up and down journey so that’s why i continue to use the percentages here.

just a recap of my weight loss goals i set last september or october:

8.8% by the end of november (baby weight GONE!)

11.7% by the end of december (wedding weight)

17.6% by the end of april (desired weight)

still not disappointed by my goal numbers. i’m a firm believer in setting high goals and as long as you’re making progress daily/weekly it’s ok to not meet those goals on an exact date. i think it’s safe to say i will NOT be hitting my desired weight by the end of april. ha! i guess i need to change that…

11.7% by the end of april ’11 (wedding weight) i am SO close to this one!

17.6% by the end of august ’11 (desired weight)

23.5% by the end of december ’11 (ideal BMI)

i am excited about this season since i know a lot of people start getting outside and working out more with summer just around the corner. it just helps motivate me!

i feel great. i fit into all of my pre mom jeans (even though i still sometimes wear one pair of maternity jeans ’cause they’re cute and lightweight). and i almost feel confident enough for summer. my body still isn’t what it used to be, but it’s slowly getting there. 🙂

i’m currently in week 6 of my 5K training and it’s going so well. i’m to the point of jogging two miles each workout and with the weather heating up, pushing a stroller, and the hills around my neighborhood it’s just enough of a challenge for me.

i finally measured myself again. i think it had been 2.5 months. i’m only down four inches, but it’s from my hips and waist! they’re finally getting the memos i’ve been sending to my body! change, change, change!

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One comment on “goals update

  1. Lauren Zaffos says:

    You are doing so great Shari! Pushing a stoller AND jogging hills is big time work! I love your attitude towards your goals. You will get there and I can’t WAIT to read the post about it!!

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