ramblom randings

1. “meemba, meemba?”

when i stayed in china we were required to take a chinese class. our instructor (who spoke absolutely no english) would ask this about 300 times in our 3 hour class each day. we always thought it meant “remember?” since that’s what it sounds like and that her english was poor, but it actually means “understand?”. for us, during that class, it made no difference as those two actually meant the same thing since we hardly ever remembered (or understood) anything from the class before. us foreigners laughed for a good 15 minutes when i found the meaning in the glossary in the back of the book.

chinese is hard.

anyway, now every time i say, “remember?” or “i want to remember this” i almost always, ALWAYS use that chinese term.

and it really does help me remember.

2.  i ordered some favor bags, napkins, and striped straws from an online website. none of the blues match. man. i know it’s not really a big deal, but it makes me not want to use the straws. and that’s the whole reason why i bought from that site.

3. i’m pretty sure belac is cutting 2-3 teeth right now. i can see one, but i’m a little scared to try and feel around for more since he always tries to bite my finger.

4. my marriage is so precious to me.

5. yesterday we had a garage sale. we sold all of our living room furniture. well, we didn’t sell the couch, but dane refuses to put it back in the house. i think it’s a good idea. now we have two little ikea chairs sitting in its place in the living room. it’s kinda fun.

6. we also did a TON of yard work. if i had known i would (or even could) do that much work i would have taken before and after pics. we live in a rent house and who knows how long it’s been since some serious work has been put into this place. i am so sore. and it feels good! i wish i knew more about gardening. it’s just not a passion of mine. i’ll mow and pull weeds, and trim hedges…i just don’t know much about flowers or growing your own plants!

7. we bought a firepit and had a little party on friday night. we roasted marshmallows and others made s’mores. i’m not a big fan of s’mores. never have been. i like roasted marshmallows. i like chocolate. i like graham crackers. i just don’t really like s’mores. i am currently planning our next cookout/backyard party. it’s so lovely out at night these days. lemme know if you want to come.

8. how cool would that be if i could have all of my internet friends over for a party or ‘retreat’. i’ll start saving up so i can buy a big enough house for that one day.

9. i ordered some of our family pics. i really want some more money to print 4 canvases. so, if you find some please share.

10. today caleb moved up to a bigger room in the childcare at church because he was loving a bit too hard on the little babies. (he really does LOVE other babies. he starts patting them on the head and then he claps? not sure what that is about or where he learned that). i didn’t cry and i think it’s because he really likes being anywhere. when i left him he was playing with one of the ‘big’ toys and another kid had come to say hi. he just clapped and smiled and squealed at it all. and there’s too much joy in that to even think about crying.

i’m feeling refreshed in this sweet time of my life.

here we are playing in the living room. it’s a good thing i got my teeth in focus…

3 comments on “ramblom randings

  1. sarah ramak says:

    This blog was perfect. A great combination of “oos” and “ahhhs” and some laffs too! I laffed at the cutting teeth remark…i pictured “charlie bit my finger” but with you and caleb and it make me smile. How precious and loving belac is!! What a sweet nature. and i want to come over for a cookout.

  2. mom henson says:

    I agree! I love these ramblings and glimpses into your precious lives! Never get enough!!!!

  3. Lauren Zaffos says:

    I love reading this blog. I know I say that a lot…but truly, I love your reflections and authenticity….makes a heart smile!

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