3 things

3 things that i love right now.

1. Pinterestwww.pinterest.com

it’s a way to organize all of those neat photos you find on the internet. if you want an invite let me know!

2. Breville Juicer

these things can get expensive, but i purchased mine used from amazon and it works great! i decided to get serious about being a raw vegan. i now dry brush, juice my fruits and veggies, and drink nut milk (ok, i was already doing that last one, but i laugh everytime i say nut milk. i’m really mature.)

3. Toms Shoes – http://www.toms.com

now that it’s spring i’m so thankful for my Toms shoes! i would like to get another pair (preferably this pretty red pair…i wish they had a pretty purple-ish color) because i wear them ALL THE TIME!. they are so comfortable for photo sessions and cute, too!





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2 comments on “3 things

  1. mom henson says:

    Next Friday, teach me. Pinterest. K?
    It scared me and I need a guide.

  2. sarah ramak says:

    i giggled when you said nut milk too…and then laughed again when you said it again! Toms ARE super cute and I wish I had a pair as well. I first saw them on you and they are so you!!!! That top website looks pretty cool too. I love your blog because I always learn all these new cool things. You keep me young and hip. Love you!

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