standing up!

caleb confuses ‘stand up’ with ‘dance’.

he just dances when we say either one of those.

and i like it.

in the last few days he has started pulling up and standing on just about anything! it’s so weird to see my LITTLE baby acting like a big kid! he’s gaining all kinds of new strength. i’m not sure how to gauge when he will start walking. everyone keeps asking me! i can’t tell the future or gauge how fast his body learns! ha!

i just love him so much! he is such a good baby. i can’t express it enough. he is happy, content with playing on his own, sleeps well, eats well, runs errands like a champ and even smiles at everyone, is hardly ever cranky (only when teething or no nap), gives the BEST open mouthed tongue kisses, and is just so easy to love!

he’s getting to where he doesn’t want to play by himself with his own toys. sure, he’ll play with the cabinets all day long…if i’d let him! that gets to be a bit frustrating having to really discipline him. we’re using a firm voice and being consistent with distraction. so i find myself playing with him most of the time he’s awake and i absolutely love it! in his earlier months i felt like all i did was feed, burp, and change him. and now i feel like all i do is play since he’s a bit more independent with feeding, burps on his own, and needs less changing. i love falling asleep at the end of the day knowing i read 10 books, sang, clapped, danced, rolled around, beat the floor, and PLAYED with toys all day!

these are now ‘old’ photos since we no longer have that coffee table or couch!


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One comment on “standing up!

  1. mom henson says:

    What a wonderful mom he has! No second is wasted when you spend it with him. He is growing so fast.

    I remember clearly when both kids walked. Surprised me each time!!! They pull up and totter about, then they walk! It never ceases to amaze!

    I LOVE these posts!

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