party hats

here’s how i made caleb’s party hats. they’re easy, but they take a few different steps which can be time consuming.

1. starting at the corner of a piece of scrapbook paper (cardstock works great) mark 3 different spots 8″ equidistant from the corner. then, using those dots as a guide cut in along in a curve. and i cut the top corner off since it seemed to work better when gluing together.

2. pick some cutesy ribbon that can handle a needle and thread.

3. then sew on the ribbon however you like. i tried not to make them too girly.

if you come to the party then please don’t look too closely at the sewing job…i’m a bit rusty.

4. use a hole punch and elastic string and tie on each side.

5. hot glue (or staple) the hat together.

6. hot glue on a cute little fuzzy pom pom on top!

i just went to hobby lobby because they were having a sale on their paper this week and i wasn’t too impressed with the choices for the colors i was interested in. they turned out ok, though for my first time.


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One comment on “party hats

  1. mom henson says:

    I WILL wear one of those! They are so cuteeeeeeeee!

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