my most favorite picture to date

that’s a HUGE statement coming from a photographer.  i don’t know if i’ve ever actually pinned down just one favorite photograph.

and it has nothing to do with the point of focus, rule of thirds, depth of field, or exposure.

and it has everything to do with the subject and all the clutter.

it’s my little man acting like my big man.

not only was he being the PERFECT lil’ baby boy while his parents were cleaning up the office on sunday, but he just looked so darn cute sitting on that keyboard  and exploring and clicking that mouse. (also, just LOOK at those ankles! it kills me every time!) and as i stared at it for a few minutes the photo started revealing other parts that make it so very special to me…

all of those red marks denote computer/computer things.

we currently have 9 working computers in our house right now. one of those is this iMac. the rest are his (either given to him or built from miscellaneous parts). my husband is a technology geek. he builds computers for fun. and takes them apart for fun. and i absolutely love him for it.  it’s his thing.  and i’m so thankful i’m sleeping with the IT guy. never have to worry about broken computers, blogs, etc. TMI? anyway, back to the photo…i just had this vision of caleb being 13 and geeking out with his dad over some new (or old) gadget. and in that moment he wasn’t my baby anymore. and it didn’t freak me out.

because he was made in his dad’s image, too.  i often forget this as i spend most of my waking hours with him and his main caregiver, but as he grows older he will look to his dad for spiritual guidance, geeky things, and leadership skills.

and that doesn’t freak me out at all.

’cause i married a true man of God. one whom i fully trust to follow. he respects my needs as well as my wants. and when i submit to him as my husband and as caleb’s father i find safety on earth. (i know that the Lord is my true provider and has ultimate authority over my life…it’s just nice to have someone who feels and acts the same way).

and that’s why this is my most favorite photo ever.

because it reminds me why i am so excited to see my little man grow up to be like my big man.



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3 comments on “my most favorite picture to date

  1. mom henson says:

    Could not finish reading this post without crying. I cannot be ANY prouder of MY baby boy. He has grown into one of the finest young men I’ve ever known. To hear his wife love on him this way, is more blessing than I could have hoped for. I know this is sappy. Oh well.

    One of my many favorite memories of Dane was when I walked into his room while he was still in high school. The room was pitch black except for the glow of computer screens highlighting his handsome face. He was surrounded by what seemed like 20 rebuilt computers. I couldn’t even walk in the door. “What are you doing, Dane?”
    He turned and with a deadpan look said, “Mom, I’m plugging into the Matrix.”

    And Caleb. Well, he is perfect and I can’t wait to see where the Lord takes him and what new technology he will surround himself with! This pic is priceless!!!

  2. Lauren Zaffos says:


  3. sarah ramak says:

    Wow. No words can really describe how much I love that picture AND the blog especially. What an amazing tribute to your amazing husband and baby! I only hope I can be like you when I grow up! LOL. Caleb is so precious and I never knew I could love someone so much that I’ve never actually met. You do such an amazing job of capturing Caleb that often times I feel like I can hear him laughing or clicking that mouse or the sound of his cute behind as he sits on the keyboard. I love you shababe and I’m so proud of the wife and mother that you are! Okay I’m gonna go re-read this and then cry. Love you.

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