guest book

i LOVE that it’s april! i can now officially start putting all the pieces to caleb’s birthday party together!

(and not get funny looks when i talk about it because his birthday is actually this month and not 6 months down the road)

i can’t remember where i got this idea. none of my ideas for the party are original…just tweaked a bit.  i’m sure i found it somewhere on

it’s a thumbprint/sign-in/write a special note/draw a cute picture kind of guestbook! and i love it. i already inserted our ‘signatures’ to let others know what’s expected in the book. i need my mother-in-law or sis-in-law to fill in the outer white parts with some cutesy drawings as i’m clearly not that artistic. here is mom and dad holding hands. i’m certain there’s a better picture of this somewhere on my hard drive…why did i pick this one?

here’s caleb’s thumbprint.  i did my best to make him look like he was enjoying being outside. i even tried drawing in his four front teeth, but it kind of makes him look like a monster! ha! mom? nicole? help, please?!!?


all you need is a journal type book.  i went down the artist/drawing aisle and got this red one on sale for $2. it’s much bigger than i wanted, but it was the right color and price!

i bought this multicolored stamp pad for about $6. i will put this and a tin of colored pencils next to the book so peeps can ‘sign in’ with their favorite color.

then you just stamp your thumb onto the denoted spot (i drew a line in the middle of each page and made two sign-ins per page) and write something sweet and/or draw a pretty scene! oh, and make sure you have some wet wipes or damp cloths handy to wash off those fingers after they finish!

i really hope to use this book with his first few birthdays. it will be fun to look back and see who came and if my drawing skills get any better with time. hehe.

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3 comments on “guest book

  1. Meg says:

    Oh! I love it!!

  2. mom henson says:

    Are you kidding!? Caleb’s monster print is PERFECT! I love it! This is seriously the cutest thing ever. The pressure is on for us artists though……I’ll prally get “artblock”!

  3. Lauren Zaffos says:

    so creative!

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