road trip to oklahoma

my dear friend and photographer, ginny corbett, came to visit me.

she lives in north carolina and we know each other from a 2009 mission trip to honduras. she is still one of my top 3 bestest friends. she really needs an entire post dedicated to all the reasons why, but i’m not gonna do that here…

anyway, to pay for her flight here she hosted a workshop. she then spent a few days with some other photographer friends in dallas and then in austin (this girl is everyone’s best friend!) and THEN she rode with me up to see our good friend and photographer, lauren clark. we also know lauren from that honduras trip (and lauren and i both used to live in lubbock). now she’s knocked up and living in a cute lil’ oklahoma country house planning her next DIY crafts and designs!

(all photos are from an iphone 4…didn’t even pick up my fancy camera!)

this was at 3AM the night before our road trip. we had several good ones from this series, but i think this one just about sums up how we are together…complete idiots.

we look pretty good after dancing in the living room for 3 hours…

here is our first stop on our road trip somewhere in oklahoma. we look pretty good after only getting about 5 hours of sleep.

ginny went to grab some snacks in the trunk and i pretty much lost it when i saw this.  i’m not lying when i say we become complete idiots. we laugh. at. everything. until. we’re. crying. it could also have been the 5 hours sleep we had the night before.

we took a 15 minute detour because we HAD to go to mr. spriggs bbq!  about a year ago, my friend meg showed me this jingle on youtube (i think it was on jimmy kimmel). anyway, once you hear the song you will not stop singing it! just youtube it…it’s only a minute long.

oh yeah, we brought caleb, too! he was pretty fun. i am absolutely loving this age!

we finally made it! after about 6 hours on the road and about an hour later than we said we would be there lauren was pretty excited.  here she is feeding caleb. now that she is pregnant she is all about the babies! she is SUCH a great mom already! and i am being so serious! we’ve read a lot of the same parenting books and have the same views as far as disciplining young kiddos and really care about their development at each stage so i felt so comfortable around her with caleb…and so did he!

later that night we went out to eat with some new photographer friends and this was the only pic i took…at least it was a funny one!


ginny took this one of all of us (that’s josh, lauren’s husband).


afterwards we went back to lauren’s and played mario bros. on the wii while all sitting on the same couch…we wanted to feel baby solomon kick! he never did, but it was hilarious to think about what we might look like to outsiders. soooo, i took a picture!

here we are the next morning before breakfast! i LOVED being in lauren’s house. so cute and cozy.

here is meridian. one of two huge great danes!

and here’s london giving lauren a hug.


we went to oklahoma city all together and had dinner before ginny and i headed back to texas (yep, we were only there 24 hours!). i didn’t take any pics since i had caleb, but i did get this shot on our way home. somewhere outside oklahoma city…


we made it back fairly early and then i had to say goodbye to ginny the next morning at the airport. 😦

it was a GREAT end to one of the best months of my life! i feel like i have enough ‘best friend’ time stored up to last me a while now!

now i need to get back to cleaning, organizing, purging, and crafting! we have a garage sale this saturday and caleb’s birthday party in less than 3 weeks!

3 comments on “road trip to oklahoma

  1. kelsey says:

    so fun! i’m jealous you got to see lauren’s cute house. i drool over it every time she posts something new she’s done.

    michelle and i had a garage sale this weekend. did pretty good, but we had SO much junk to get rid of that we are moving it to her mom’s house and doing it again this weekend. lol. gazelle like….

    miss you!

  2. mom henson says:

    Seriously, you and Ginny look gorgeous no matter what time of day or what amount of sleep you’ve had. Caleb looks like he was in “hog heaven” hanging out with y’all. My favorite pic is the one of him with you two crazies behind him. So CUTE!!!

  3. Lauren Zaffos says:

    glad you had a great time with Ginny and Lauren. such great memories and fruitful fellowship!

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