project 52: week 13

something i love: ME!!!

haha. although, that is true when i think about all the ways i am selfish…this post is really more about my love for my new iMac!

thought i would take a pic using my iMac.

this is our office. you can tell (a little bit) that dane sits directly behind me, facing the other wall. he’s got guitars, recording gear, and computers all over the place.

me? oh, i’ve got all the little things.  paper clips, print outs, discs, camera gear, photos, boxes, crafty stuffs, things to be sorted, filed, and put away.

at times our office is a mess, but we’ve kept it around (even though we have one bebe we have a 3 bedroom house!) because we enjoy having it so much. this is where we lived back in lubbock.  we spent all our free time staring at computer screens.  my little macbook just couldn’t keep up with my demands after having caleb.  he would go down for a nap and i was trying to get a whole week’s worth of stuff done in one hour.  it was sooo slow and i was having to constantly dump everything on my external hard drive to make room for new pics (i mean, i just had a new baby! where was i going to put all those pics?)

i had my macbook for 3.5 years!  it was essential for my business and i hate to see it go (don’t worry, it’s just in the next room. dane has already taken over and cleaned it all out. it’s in good hands.) but, man oh man, is my new iMac absolutely breathtaking! the newness hasn’t wore off so it’s like christmas every time i walk into the office.

(and and that’s me at 10:30 in the morning. i’m wearing my shirt dress as pj’s. i was editing while caleb napped. no makeup and i didn’t brush my hair or teeth.  GOOD MORNIN’ y’all!)


One comment on “project 52: week 13

  1. mom henson says:

    And OH so gorgeous! Who needs makeup or anything when you look like that??? Gorgeous AND geeky, all part of our Shababe! Love you.

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