just want to write this all down…

wow. march kinda hit me in the gut.

no one died. no one has cancer. and no babies were injured.

but, i am exhausted. emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

ALL of me is spent.

and i think it’s the only way to be. because i no longer have myself to get in the way.  i’m too exhausted to ‘put on a face’ or ‘fake it’.  what comes out of me is purely, simply what’s left.  and i hope it’s been good.

when you squeeze and orange you expect orange juice.

what about when you squeeze (put stress on) a Believer?

this month we have had a visitor at our house every weekend. and it has been fabulous! my niece, my mom, my good friend kelsey, and this weekend my friend ginny!

(sorry love! the girls just kind of took over! ha!)

i was going and doing and still trying to run my business and wash clothes (which reminds me that i need to put the sheets in the dryer!) and spend quality time with my baby and husband.  i was giving advice, mending wounds, laughing my head off, riding the train, shopping, reading books, crying, fasting, partying, celebrating, training, cleaning, editing, shooting, loving, cuddling, shopping, playing, buying, staying up late, and more shopping.

you’ll notice i didn’t leave room for my quiet time.

here’s to getting back on track and hoping that i was able to produce a little fruit while being ‘squeezed’ through all of this.

One comment on “just want to write this all down…

  1. mom henson says:

    Quiet Time. The only glue to keeping life together! Go to it, Shababe!

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