project 52: week 10

i think i am a week behind!

i have more photos…just need to find some time to sit down and get them together!

thing i love: bath time!

this is daddy’s job. he took over bath time about 5 months ago, but every once in awhile things get pretty crazy and i end up giving caleb a bath during the day. we have THE WORST lighting in our bathroom! it’s such a bummer, too, because babies are always so happy when they’re around water! anyway, once we get a house of our own, ALL of our rooms will be well lit.

anyway, he is such a little explorer now that he’s crawling. he’s having to learn that he can’t really use his new found skills while in the slippery tub!

i love that top photo where his face is wet. those eyes/eyelashes just get me every time i look at him!

i LOVE being able to play with my little man leisurely during bath time. i am so thankful it doesn’t have to be rushed. i’m also thankful for a loving husband who took on this ‘job’ so that i could prepare dinner and finish up last minute chores from the day. it’s so fun listening to their chatter, singing, splashing, and squealing down the hall!

2 comments on “project 52: week 10

  1. sarah ramak says:

    so. flipping. adorable. nuff said.

  2. mom henson says:

    First chance I’ve had to look and I love them! His wet eyelashes ARE to die for.

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