currently reading…

1. Raw Food Life Force Energy by Natalia Rose – that title is fierce! and so is the book.

last october i was really stuck in my weight loss so i started researching the raw food diet. i didn’t read any books, just articles, forums, and websites online. i vowed to doing a 7 day detox and it totally rocked my world! my blemishes were gone, my face was glowing (others said something, i didn’t really notice), i was getting up earlier and earlier every morning and had tons of energy, and i was CLEAR minded. no yawning, no sluggishness, no heaviness. i felt light and full of sunshine! dane saw my results and quickly joined in. i lost 8lbs and he lost 10lbs. throughout november and december we tried maintaining an 80% raw diet. by january it was about 50% (which is just the same as ‘trying to eat healthy’ or my usual diet) and it’s been that way for a few months now.

since i’ve had a taste of that youthful body i want it again! but, i’m addicted to sugar and fats and all the bad stuff again! so, this week i’ve decided to ‘fast’ from those things and just eat 100% raw foods for 5-7 days. it wasn’t until i found this book at half price did i find the motivation.

she really breaks down all the science for you and makes it easy to see what and when we are supposed to eat. i also like that her rule is “raw ’til dinner” meaning eat raw for breakfast and lunch and then add chicken or fish for dinner with raw or cooked veggies. it’s not about the calories or fat content. think about diet soda…DEAD food. the same goes for processed foods. the reason i am so tired and sluggish is because i’ve been making my body digest harsh foods and it has no energy left to give me to do anything else.

also, in her findings she states that rigorous exercise is not a huge part of being healthy and staying fit. her recommendations for exercise are yoga (even 10 minutes) and dancing. which makes sense to me. a nutritionist that i know once told me that we look the way we do because of these percentages: 5% genetics 10% exercise and 80% diet. so, if we’re doing rigorous exercise, but eating dead food most of the day (even if it’s low in calories and fat) 80% of my body will resemble what i put in my body.

she has a great reminder about waste = weight. the reason i am not at my ideal weight is because i have years and years of waste to get rid of. all the sugar, fats, and oils that my body couldn’t digest properly is still sitting there rotting away all of my organs.

i do have to skip over some paragraphs when she starts getting really into the whole inner body energy thing.  yes, the science makes sense to me, but it’s not at all faith based and i know a lot of my cravings for bad foods can be remedied if i’m chasing after the Lord. so i substitute all of those paragraphs with prayer. 🙂 i am only halfway through the book and i have already learned so much more about the benefits of eating raw foods.

if anyone else enjoys reading stuff like this i hear it’s best to get her raw food detox book first. i didn’t find it at half price that day, but i am always on the lookout for her books.

this post was going to be about the 5 books i’m currently reading (always have a stack by my bed), but i ended up ranting on and on about this. haha!

maybe another day i’ll review the others.

now, i need an apple.


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