let me tell you a funny story

even though this happened a few days ago it’s just now funny.

as my friend, ginny, and i say “it was too raw” to laugh about until now.

on a thursday i went to the grocery store with a friend and lost the key to my car. it is the only one we have. to get another one made costs $75 so we were reluctant to get it done. we regret that now, obviously.

on saturday, once dane had some time to handle the situation, he had a tow truck come get the car and take it to a ford dealership where they could make another key. they had to have our car there because they deleted our car model out of their database since it is 10 years old. that was $120. and then they made us TWO keys for $125.

it wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t already have to have the fuel pump replaced.

that’s what we had planned on doing this weekend. which is another $500.

on saturday evening we ran some errands.

first stop. the grocery store.

where i found my original keys.


what a waste of money!

now we have three keys.

sunday morning i was scheduled to work the nursery at church.

buuuuut, the car didn’t start.

caleb and i went back in the house and vegged out on the couch for an hour until his nap.

i watched tv and sulked about my bad luck.

dane arrived home (he had received a ride from some friends since he goes to church early to play bass) sometime after lunch.

after soothing my emotional wounds, he went out to check on the car.

and what do you know…it started.


i can laugh now. it’s really all you can do sometimes. yesterday? no. but, today? yeah, it’s pretty funny.

now, our little black box of trouble is sitting at The Greasy Monkey down the street waiting for a full tune up and repair!

i’m kind of glad it won’t be sitting in my driveway for a few days.

it’s less tempting to go out and kick it.

2 comments on “let me tell you a funny story

  1. mom henson says:

    Favorite part……”GREASY MONKEY”, so descriptive! Someday, you’ll learn. Wait, no you won’t.

    I just re-learned it two nights ago. “Broken” vehicles only respond to men.

    They become stubborn and unresponsive to us as women and snicker as we dial up 911manhelp.

    Love that you can laugh. That’s healthy!

  2. sarah ramak says:

    mom! so true! A friend of mine recently had a similar experience. She is a new mom of a few sleep deprived months. She arrive at church late a few weeks ago and I could tell she was almost in tears. As I asked here what was wrong she poured out all these new mom struggles and said “and then I was so excited to come to church today, I knew it was the one thing I could look forward to this week. I went out to start the car and it wouldn’t start. It was the icing the cake and I lost it”. I consoled her and prayed for her. The next day I asked her if her car got figured out. She said later that day her husband went out to look at it, and wouldn’t ya know IT STARTED! she couldn’t believe it! lol. This kind of thing is so…..ironic? quirky? I’d want to bash in my car windows lol. Glad the Lord worked it all out:)

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