my little man is getting brave.

even after bonking his head all the time.

he loves to crawl over our legs.

project 52: week 14

place i love: central market!

we love visiting central market for dinner on occasion throughout the year, but especially in the spring and summer. they have nice places to sit outdoors and enjoy the weather, band, and free refills.

a few pics taken on our visit this past weekend. bebe hasn’t been his usual peppy self.  i’m thinking he’s getting some more teeth. he only has 4 and he’s almost 1. he will chew on anything he can get his hands on!

my baby and baby daddy. down one of my favorite aisles: sweets!




he has bonked his head several times this past week.

at the end of the day when he drinks his bottle on the  (guest air mattress) bed he really tries to take some time and relax and think about how different things will be tomorrow.

(he crosses his ankles like that when he’s in his car seat and right when you first give him his bottle. it’s become habit and it’s one i don’t ever want him to break.)

project 52: week 13

something i love: ME!!!

haha. although, that is true when i think about all the ways i am selfish…this post is really more about my love for my new iMac!

thought i would take a pic using my iMac.

this is our office. you can tell (a little bit) that dane sits directly behind me, facing the other wall. he’s got guitars, recording gear, and computers all over the place.

me? oh, i’ve got all the little things.  paper clips, print outs, discs, camera gear, photos, boxes, crafty stuffs, things to be sorted, filed, and put away.

at times our office is a mess, but we’ve kept it around (even though we have one bebe we have a 3 bedroom house!) because we enjoy having it so much. this is where we lived back in lubbock.  we spent all our free time staring at computer screens.  my little macbook just couldn’t keep up with my demands after having caleb.  he would go down for a nap and i was trying to get a whole week’s worth of stuff done in one hour.  it was sooo slow and i was having to constantly dump everything on my external hard drive to make room for new pics (i mean, i just had a new baby! where was i going to put all those pics?)

i had my macbook for 3.5 years!  it was essential for my business and i hate to see it go (don’t worry, it’s just in the next room. dane has already taken over and cleaned it all out. it’s in good hands.) but, man oh man, is my new iMac absolutely breathtaking! the newness hasn’t wore off so it’s like christmas every time i walk into the office.

(and and that’s me at 10:30 in the morning. i’m wearing my shirt dress as pj’s. i was editing while caleb napped. no makeup and i didn’t brush my hair or teeth.  GOOD MORNIN’ y’all!)


confessions of a mombrain chapter 4

i knew that he put them on his nightstand for safe keeping.

i knew that.

but when you have mombrain and haven’t had a chance to really deep clean your house because of all the guests you pretty much throw away everything in your sight.  the only things left in my house right now are baby things and furniture.

two season passes to six flags.

in. the. trash.


they have been found.

after a late night digging session when dane got home last night i felt so terrible. he left for work at 6:00 a.m. and i didn’t seem him until 10:40 p.m.  i didn’t plan for his homecoming to consist of sorting through dirty diapers, food, and old receipts. ugh.

and they’re back on the nightstand. where they belong.

i had to remind myself not to throw them away when i saw them this morning.


just want to write this all down…

wow. march kinda hit me in the gut.

no one died. no one has cancer. and no babies were injured.

but, i am exhausted. emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

ALL of me is spent.

and i think it’s the only way to be. because i no longer have myself to get in the way.  i’m too exhausted to ‘put on a face’ or ‘fake it’.  what comes out of me is purely, simply what’s left.  and i hope it’s been good.

when you squeeze and orange you expect orange juice.

what about when you squeeze (put stress on) a Believer?

this month we have had a visitor at our house every weekend. and it has been fabulous! my niece, my mom, my good friend kelsey, and this weekend my friend ginny!

(sorry love! the girls just kind of took over! ha!)

i was going and doing and still trying to run my business and wash clothes (which reminds me that i need to put the sheets in the dryer!) and spend quality time with my baby and husband.  i was giving advice, mending wounds, laughing my head off, riding the train, shopping, reading books, crying, fasting, partying, celebrating, training, cleaning, editing, shooting, loving, cuddling, shopping, playing, buying, staying up late, and more shopping.

you’ll notice i didn’t leave room for my quiet time.

here’s to getting back on track and hoping that i was able to produce a little fruit while being ‘squeezed’ through all of this.

caleb – 11 months

11 months sounds WAY older than 10 months.

next month i will have a one year old!

his ‘firsts’ are happening less frequently.

he’s still cuter than ever.

i think i already blogged all of the photos i took when he was 10 months so i’ll just blog them again!

what he’s learning:

  • to say ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ along with waving. he’s really great at waving on his own now.
  • clapping.
  • signing ‘more’.
  • copying sounds, expressions, etc.
  • outside things. he loves going out and listening to everything. it’s amazing what we tune out since the invention of iphones, ipods, and iMacs (and other gadgets that aren’t worth mentioning). but, he notices EVERYTHING. it’s such a great reminder to ‘stop and smell the roses’.

what he’s doing:

  • crawling, crawling, crawling
  • pulling himself up to his knees.
  • still sleeping so well! about 16 hours/day and 12 of those at night!
  • eating and tasting everything
  • bonking his head on everything



project 52: week 12

things i love: dressing my baby in whatever i want!

i usually shy away from clothing with words or sayings. i don’t want to be putting words into his little mouth. and most of the time those shirts are really cheesy anyway. not to mention very disrespectful to your baby (in my opinion). so we stick to stripes and solids most of the time.

but, when my friend kelsey found this shirt at thrift town i just couldn’t resist.

words are totally ok on baby shirts if they’re 100% true.

side note: this is a sneak peak from his birthday invitation shoot! and we put that shirt on backwards since aqua, red, and white are his party colors.

project 52: week 11

catching up (again):

a place i love: blanket time on the grass in our front yard.

caleb is now crawling EVERYWHERE. it is so much fun! he loves to just crawl up and down the hall. he loves to visit me in the kitchen. and by the coffee table.

but, when he’s outside…he just sits.  he just sits and takes everything in. the car doors slamming, the birds chirping, and the wind blowing.

unless he sees a dandelion and then he crawls to get it.

and then shakes it. and then eats it.

we’ve been able to do this several times a day and it is so much fun!


resolutions update

i thought i would write out an update on each part of my resolutions…

  • memorize scripture – hmmm…not doing as well as i would like to be doing, but i have memorized more scripture and more passages in the bible. dane and i started leading a bible study for our church and so our time in the Word has increased greatly!
  • stay on budget – this one has been a HUGE success for us! i now try to sit down once a week and look at what we are spending and put it into our little spreadsheet (ok, it’s not that little…i kinda went overboard on the list making). and i’m happy to report that in 14 months, we have paid off about $15,000 of personal debt.  if you know me then you know that i struggle with the issue that i even have debt.  i hate it.  all i’ve ever had are student loans and about $300 on a credit card, but it still disgusts me that i live in a country where $20,000 is not that much debt. well, it is to me.  oh, i’m sure we are ridiculed for having a rent payment almost equal to that of a mortgage payment. and that we buy camera and computer gadgets, but only shop at goodwill for clothes. we pray about our investments and right now we are investing most all of our extra money to getting out of debt.  it’s tough at times, but it’s how we sleep at night.  i would love, love, love, love to be debt free by the end of the year, but i’m not sure we can get there. it’s definitely something we are striving for!
  • train for a 10K – well, i already posted about this one. i am not training for a 5K! i’m on week 2 and it’s going REALLY well. i’m excited about running again. i don’t know when i’ll be ready to train for a 10K, but it probably won’t be for a while.
  • lose the baby weight – check and mark! yay! since the weather is changing i started looking through the back of my closet for more warmer clothes. i was a bit nervous to even try anything on since last year i didn’t fit into any of my summer attire. (if you’ve ever had a major fluctuation in weight then you know exactly what i’m talking about). come to find out i not only fit into all of it, the two new shirts i bought a few weeks ago are too big (good thing i shop at goodwill!). that was disappointing, but always a good thing!
  • homeschool – this has been a success, i think.  each day we try to focus on three learning ‘activities’.  on sunday, i evaluate what i feel he should work on this week and then i write it down in my planner (just like i did when i was a teacher). for example: 1. reading a book aloud at least 3 times a day – with this i really want him to be paying attention and helping me turn pages. it’s not about him learning how to read (duh, i know he’s too young), but about him listening to my voice and focusing on one thing…as opposed to him crawling all over the place while i read.   2. standing time – he is almost pulling himself up to standing position. he does it every once in awhile so we practice standing for 15-20 minutes a few times a day at the coffee table or with his walker toy.  3. i made a new ‘toy’ from one of my favorite blogs.  i think it’s a bit old for him, but i wanted to introduce it and see what he thought of it. we do that each day for about 10 minutes. so far, he just wants to eat all the pieces. hehe. so i’ll take that one away next week and i’ll try and find something else to help with motor skills.  it’s been so fun for me. i look forward to doing those things each day with him. and it really helps me get to know him even better. we’ve been going outside everyday as well.  i am filled with joy every single day by just being with him and seeing him learn!

that’s pretty much what i’ve been up to these days!